Management Technologies

The constant quarrel regarding the ambient impacts caused by the technologies of modern production heats the debate regarding measures of ambient preservation. Soon, the concern with the preservation of the environment exceeds the companies, arriving until the final consumers. This results in companies searching systems of ambient management as form to take care of to the desires of its customers. A system of ambient management consists of a system directed to adopt politics of protection of the environment, using, toward this, practical administrative and operational adjusted for this function. The main objective of this system is continuously to search the perfectioning of its ambient quality, to offer to its customers and the society, services and products with the possible minimum of impacts on the environment. In the organizations, the systems of ambient management, if establish, in set with other areas of the organization, as the areas of health and security of the collaborators. With this the company develops a productive system that offers its products to the market, with the minimum aggression to the environment, at the same time where if it worries about the conditions of work of its employees. Norm NBR-ISO 14001, second (SURROUNDING BRAZIL, 2009) determines the following ambient objectives in the process of creation of a system of ambient management: To implement, to keep and to improve a system of ambient management; To make sure of its conformity with its defined ambient politics; To demonstrate such conformity third; To search certification/register of its system of ambient management for a external organization; To carry through an auto-evaluation and to emit auto-declaration of conformity with this norm..