And it is that the rapidity and the comfort in the managements are not the unique reasons by which register the pairs, but also by the possibility of knowing opinions and experiences other users. For this reason, the new platform is completely interactive and the pairs have the possibility of giving ideas, of making commentaries, of thinking on anyone of their contents, and until publishing their own blog. the today users want to know how he has gone to them to others in his trip of fianc2es in cruise or what he happens if you plan the banquet in a carp and he puts himself to rain. And he is that when a different wedding looks for creative or , to know the experience others is an element very valuable to know beforehand if one devises apparently dangerous can be well. According to the director of, the communication with the guests is another one of the sections that it has changed more.

To these them can be made of the preparations through Blog of the fianc2es, also gathering its opinions and suggestions contributor . The specialization of the vestibule in the scope of the Basque Country, in front of the global proposals, is argued from the founders by the importance of offering a complete information than it moves in the sector, something very difficult to obtain if you do not know the surroundings and by the differentiation in tastes and habits in each community, like for example the importance that we give in Euskadi to the gastronomical section of the celebration him. Also it appreciates this professional other generalized differences, in styles to dress or more classic tastes In this sense, emphasizes Maria Mestraitura, we have developed a vestibule of here for the pairs of here . The forecasts of Futurmedia for are optimistic; for one first stage she tries herself to reach in registered pairs 25% of the weddings that celebrate in the Basque Country, which would suppose to have more than 2300 registered pairs, although we thought that in the future they can be 80% that uses the vestibule to organize their connection, since more and more people are usuary habitual of the network and this accentuates in the new generations . Original author and source of the article.