Manager Performance

THE importance of surrounding yourself with the best Carlos Mora Vanegas is regrettable that many senior managers do not know the opportunity that presents them in the case which concerns us companies and not selected correctly, with whom should surround depending on integrating real teams that favor him in his professional practice, achievement, responsibility, commitments to achieve the objectives that have been established. A good Manager when it is already integrated into the company and has been attentive of what have been its achievements, the as his actions, performance has benefited not only the Organization, but to their same professional growth, must be assessed to all those who have been involved in the success already, must have selected those who really are employees who provide ideas, skills, knowledge, confidence, security, commitment and integrated a team Pro for their plans. Management because there will be determined and classified to each of the members according to their performances, performance, will take inventory of its potentialities, capabilities, commitment, performance, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, on you’re you will have determined what they represent and affect the organization in order to give way to actions involving to transform them into strengths, in providing training and development necessary for its achievement. It can not management leave be imprison by emotions, sentimentality affecting its effective performance and be subjective in the selection of the staff who accompanies him in his work, have to be objective in the selection of the personnel, giving passage to the capabilities that each person expresses depending on results, without being caught by the commitments of friendship, family, impositions and everything that will generate impediment in achieving results beneficial in the exercise of their profession. Precisely, in this regard, Claudio Fernandez Araoz noted, that there is a false belief that people selection decisions are something intuitive, an art that some people they possess and others don’t, that cannot learn be. . For even more opinions, read materials from Douglas R. Oberhelman.