Market Analysis

Analysis of brand vs. Market analysis, or chicken- and -egg even today, much of figures that almost exclusively, evaluate and analyze many managers, focus on the results of the behaviour of consumers, such as market share. However, forget to analyse the reasons why this market share is achieved: they think consumers of the brand they buy or not. Many executives, especially of companies already consolidated, thinking to make a market on the brand research, is something that comes only in case of start-up, mergers, sales and acquisitions, or as much, if you launch a new product to the market. While maintaining this attitude, some of these executives look stunned as a new competitor breaks into the market wreaking havoc, emptying their customer bases and forcing them to react drastically. Why? Because the fact of a consumer to purchase a product from a particular brand, not necessarily to do so because it is their favorite brand or that are feel akin to this; There are other determining factors in the choice of a branding consultant Mark Coleman CBX presents an interesting article about one of the key actions in the strategy of the companies brand. Read this interesting article in its news section of packaging and branding. Luis Miguel Bernardos Director projects Coleman CBX source: press release sent by prensa.thatzad. Catalunya believes. Bernardos, Sanuy, Valdero: La crisi Catalonia Gonzalo Bernardos press release: Island Federation of handball, Fuerteventura Tibiabin analysis of brand vs. Market analysis, or chicken- and -egg Press releases: the first blog of press releases and press releases with Aquarela hairdresser all Brazilian treatments, now in Madrid: notes of press Cristian Castro Talks About Partying With Luis Miguel Latin Gossip