Market Customers

How maximizes the company its market value through a win-win relationship? If the business objective is staying in the market and be a leader and profitable in the medium and long term, then one should think how to keep happy all customers, making a difference in the segment of the market and in the time, reinvesting its profits for future crops. To understand the direct correlation of win – win, is necessary to understand that nothing in life comes by itself alone, the action of cause effect is valid, because if someone reverses it is because it seeks to obtain profitability and security, with present and future perspective on what they can do. To achieve remain in the segment or a perfect niche, there is to be creative, to renew and innovate; tune the frequencies that is constantly emitting market (customers), and without a doubt perseverance, will cause a high-fidelity, increasing profitability, and maximization of the value of the company, allowing us to visualize that companies do not always break by lack of liquidity, but by the attitudes of its employees, and administrators. It can economically be logical deal to a company in a particular direction. Now, if this undermines the deep roots of culture and beliefs of the company and of the society, will not be feasible in practice its permanence and productive cycle, therefore marketing strategy depend shape that comes to the mind of your prospects and your environment. History has shown us that business vision depends on much goodwill and the actions of each individual in the Organization since the direction of the sales is meaning that you choose to give it. (-How basic concept and principle business to remember to take decisions: 1) source and the ultimate purpose of every company are their end customers (direct or indirect). (2) The goals and objectives specific company must focus sufficient revenue to achieve stability and balance economic growth with corporate social responsibility.