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This technique is often sponsored by one brand, which seeks to generate knowledge of a product or service. Some contend that Caterpillar shows great expertise in this. Viral ads take often the form of funny video clips or interactive Flash games, images, and even texts. The growing popularity of viral marketing is due to the ease of implementation of the campaign, its relatively low cost, (compared to direct mail campaigns), good targeting, and a high and high response rate. The main advantage of this form of marketing is its ability to get a large amount of potential customers interested, at a low cost. The most difficult task for any company is to acquire and retain a large customer base.

Through the use of the Internet and the effects of advertising by e-mail, the efforts of communication business-to – customer (business-to-consumer or B2C) get much greater impact than many other tools. Viral marketing is a technique that avoids the inconvenience of spam: encourages the users of a product specific service to tell it to your friends. That is a recommendation by mouth-to-mouth positive. One of the most successful perspectives that have been found in getting that customer base is the so-called Communications Marketing integrated (Integrated Marketing Communications) gustavoguerrero. blogspot. com, on the other hand gives us, the attraction of the viral marketing lies primarily in that, given that it is based on the recommendations of the own recipients of the message, its boost of distribution are practically nil.

But the dream may be coming to an end, at least for those who are not having good experiences, since they are reproducing what others do, without making sure that practice to be successful. According to the Viral Marketing: Bringing the Message to the Masses. the analyst company Jupiter Research, only 15% of viral campaigns prompted people to retransmit the message, which has led to a decrease of 55% of the plans for using this tool to be used with the powerful influencers however these figures, viral marketing does not have to stop using it, the key It is according to the co-author of the report from JupiterResearch, Emily Riley in the use of best practices for achieving a successful campaign with this tool. Riley offers – BtoBonline. com five practices to succeed with viral marketing: 1. Give people something worthy to be forwarded. Your readers will not broadcasting your newsletter, nor much less their messages publicitariosa less that there is something in these messages that motivate their forwarding, this may be a game, a video, a Council, a contest or anything that represents a real value for the Reader 2. Make it easy. Add a friendly button that forwards to a friend and to help people to do so immediately. 3. Use the correct list. According to results of the report only 7% of adults have been broadcast a message to another adult. Only 3% aged 18 to 24 did so, while 10% of adults between 45 and 54 have forwarded viral marketing message. 4. Think of allies. The reason for the these campaigns are leaving from used is by the always polemi industrial Eng., lawyer EGADE (ITESM) UC. Postgraduate master’s degrees in business administration, men tion markets, human resources: quality and productivity; Education Doctorate in education professor and researcher Faces UC graduate Area. Consultant – business advisory DEPROIMCA EXATEC. environment-business. com.