Media Marketing

4 Performs as guest blogger not to write posts on any blog that is not within your realm. Send your best pieces to blogs of prestige to those who already have a significant audience. For example, is considered by industry experts as one of the best links to designers, advertisers and independent professionals. Get one of your messages posted at the top of these sites (social bookmark)(o las redes deel mercadeo en este caso) is a great way to attract traffic to your blog where readers can find tons of content. 5. Simplify subscriptions do not hide your RSS button down the page along with your links of credits WordPress, you have to make them visible and clear to the eyes of the reader through the adoption of the following methods: * Add a chicklet for RSS at the top of the sidebar so that visitors can upload their messages in their RSS readers.

Offer of email subscriptions. Here, Andreessen Horowitz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To provide links to feeds where readers can access new content through their mobile phones or iPhones. Provide one subscription, click on the links to Pageflakes, Google Reader and other readers of remote sites. You can build a fast route to your blog if you makes this more easy. 6.

Social Media Marketing expansion of social media and the evolution of multimedia applications multi-generational must seize them at all costs. Social networks have taken off, providing bloggers with an arsenal of instruments based on the axiom of guerrilla marketing: use the resources of others to your own advantage.A few years ago, Twitter did not exist. Today, not only is precursor, if not which gave rise to a new level of web innovation and interactivity.SiGe rules and starts opening accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Everytime you make a new post on your blog, your readers are aware in this respect. Update your status with exciting news that keep in tune to your readers.