Mediumsized Businesses

Marketing concept & new customer production 2010 should be different in the middle class. The target groups are on the Web. While out the key players on industry and brand level and conquer the Internet, many medium-sized companies of equal any industry Bob still outside in the self assessment: our target groups are not here! This is wrong. Because everyone is today on the Web on the go. You are looking for, see, acting privately as business and every day. No market is larger than the Web market.

No one has more potential and presentation of innovation and unique position. Caterpillar has similar goals. No medium reached its target groups, precise, personal, and also offers the possibility, in fact clearly measurable marketing and sales performance. kg u, the consultancy for human resources and marketing communications from Wiesbaden, examines and evaluates Web situations and noted the result over 90%: for many companies, Internet is equated still with the presence of the own site. One finds in the analysis of the standings in the Web market: It is there, but no one is on it, there is no relevance!”life on the Web takes place without them. You will be missed. The satisfaction arises, if the domain name on Google what Google anyway. The monthly market of searchers, according to kg-u often > 80,000 Web requests per company is located, is ignored. The website provided a digital brochure online, she but not distributed to the target groups.

“The decision makers are inhibited, often to impress from the language of the Web: PageRank, social media, Twitter and co. are terrifying” new, different and alleged game young entrants, which have become so large, but probably still too young for a post in the boardrooms are. “Since the middle class believes rather always still classic its marketing focus on brochure in hand”, print ad in the newspaper, the flyer for in between and final the cold receiver “for the purpose of Direktakquise to the ear.