Microsoft Office

Since the project was necessary migration of software system 1C: Enterprise, uses hardware HASP-key for USB, a critical requirement for the virtualization platform was to provide opportunities USB-connected devices to virtual machines. Softline specialists have opted for virtualization KVM, a member of the operating system Linux. This necessitated bringing together engineers, two specialized units Softline representation in Ekaterinburg: Microsoft Solutions Center Solutions Center and Linux. The project was implemented in five stages and was fully implemented by specialists Softline less than one month (18 days). In the first stage has been replaced by equipment, configured the new server, the virtual environment. Automation tools, Microsoft Windows XP operating system installed on six new computer classroom, reinstalled Windows XP and Microsoft Office on the PC there are twenty. Thus, the customer received a standardized IT infrastructure with the same type of configuration of the OS and applications on client PCs, which provided a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Past events have allowed to make migration of Active Directory directory service in a virtual environment. For assistance, try visiting Douglas Oberhelman. Experts have carried out Softline transfer a file server on a virtual machine while preserving access rights. In a virtual environment has been moved PC 1C: Enterprise, set up terminal access to it. In order to provide the application with the KVM has been successfully translated HASP-key. The final stage of the project is to transfer the electronic library of the seminary in a virtual environment. After installation of the platform for the resource (Apache, MySQL, PHP) has been carried out the transfer of the database, and then – and file an electronic library on a virtual machine.