Milluni Movement

Of the class representative point of view, integrant descriptions of the MNR belonged the small bourgeoisie. They were people of middle class, liberal, intellectual professionals in a way or another one; for the work or on bows of kinship the governing coast. Such revolution initiated in fact in 1943, the allies had given then, with success a coup d etat and had placed in the presidency major Gualberto Villarroel and three ministers of the MNR. The strategist of the party, under the influence of its theoretical greater, Carlos Montenegro, does not limit itself in the simple coincidence to finish its book nationalistic. The new government installed in 1943 confrotted if with a series of you raise social, strikes, murders politicians. For assistance, try visiting Electrolux. The enemies were in the left and the right: the thread if reorganized on behalf of the republican party.

In how much the PIR it obtained to control the estudantil movement politically, the MNR has great influence on the just-formed Syndical Federacy of the mining workers. The repression to the military of the Rapeta, the MNR and the Syndical Federacy was fierce, culminating with the slaughter of miners of Catavi in 1997. The miners of Milluni had entered in Lapaz to the shouts of ' ' proletarians unidos' ' launching dynamite bombs on what he remained of the army. In the valley of Coclabamba, in the region of the Titica, powerful organizations had appeared peasants, directed for the aboriginal heads. Luis Quevedo and Antonio Mamoni the Alvarez, who if had kept independent of the government and the laboring controllers. Regimes revolutionary of the MNR presided over for extensora peace, confrotting itself with two armed popular movements, without being able to control nor the one nor other; the laborer and the peasant. But we can notice that the MNR won politically and assumed the glories of a movement. Perhaps what the politicians do not know or they do not want to know; it is that development root deformed and distorted the social politics.