On the other hand to this vision in such a way negative one of the nature human being theory Y assumes that the people more are guided for the growth and the development, and not necessarily irresponsible nor of course resistant the organizacionais changes. (BOWDITCH; BUONO, 1992, p.40) 4.0 & ndash; Plan and Goals To establish goals is important to keep the stimulated group and to have always a control to observe the reached advance in accordance with the one that Mintzberg affirms: The intention of a plan is to specify one output desired & ndash; a standard & ndash; at some future moment. The intention of the control is to evaluate if the standard or was not reached. Thus the planning and the control follow together, as the saying of the horse and the wagon: not it can have control without planning, and the plans lose its influence without accompaniment controls. Together the plans and the controls regulate outputs e, indirectly the behavior.

(2003, p.89) An action plan can still have its problems directing the group and establishing goals it is essential to have a control, thus it will only be able in fact to see the necessity of changes or improvements. 4.0 & ndash; You reward The people see the necessity of reward to feel themselves motivated to exert an action. Recapitulating already we saw that in fact the motivation is very looked by the companies therefore is interesting and extremely useful to verify a way for which the employee if feels motivated. Diverse types exist of reward that they can come to be an excellent motivacional source, such as, good wage, plans of odontolgicos health, plans, commissions, or even though recognition for the executed work, personal and professional accomplishments, this in them takes the two types of rewards that they are divided in you reward intrinsic and rewards extrinsical.