Mobile Fax By offers new Web solution for fax transmission and reception on cell phones and PDAs before have you ever imagined, that would fit a traditional fax machine one day in a small cell phone? It has become reality thanks to by POPESCO. Read additional details here: Learn more. With the new PDA Web site from Popfax, mobile devices are now de facto full-featured fax machines! Access to mobile fax services in your own pocket is very important for the people that are always on the move. Mobility, flexibility and accessibility are the most important keywords for the online faxing via the new PDA Web interface launched by Popfax. This enables the customer immediately to send your faxes and receive. All you need is a mobile phone or PDA and Internet access, no additional software is required! The new mobile Web page is compatible with all iPhones, blackberries and other PDAs or Smartphones, and has the full range of Internet fax features. The mobile fax service is easy to use, and has all today available tools that increase your performance in addition to the simplified design.

You do not have to waste your time with the old fax machines, sending or receiving is completed in a few simple steps. Just imagine how easy it would be to partes a file from your PDA and immediately to send it as a fax. The most important functions, that adds the Popfax mobile Web page to your Smartphone and turns it a perfect tool for business and personlishe communication, are listed below: send and receive faxes and SMS from mobile phones everywhere (at flat rate prices in roaming) personalization by fax with a cover page management of personal contacts free test page for faxes so Vladimir Popesco, founder of POPESCO, the company that manages the “with the addition of this new interface to the range of services we have the claim to make accessible and low-cost Internet fax service for all mobile devices, what the performance capabilities of our customers on the go needs to increase”this new Web service in 19 languages available, and customer service in 7 languages is also available. Over 50,000 business customers around the world trust services.