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New service marketing!Subscription supports small business and entrepreneur small businesses and entrepreneurs can afford most any marketing department. Just for this target group, provide ongoing support in marketing, PR and sales related questions is but especially interesting – even if just any concrete projects are awarded. marketing!ABO is a consultancy package and subscription consists of the components! infothek, subscription! hotline, subscription! consult and ABO! services. In the subscription process, customers purchase a time budget, which you can freely distribute on the individual modules: with the AIDS from the ABO! cost-effectively even implement horticulture projects, ABO answered specific questions! hotline. Workshops from subscription! consult the own marketing expertise systematically build up and the subscription services services use professional Know-How of external service providers. That’s marketing!Subscription via the usual coaching approach, and offers on each request level matching support: as a first point of contact for basic Considerations and simpler requests, the other external service providers not or answer only in the context of specific projects. To long-term consulting projects for the strategic alignment and positioning. about marketing!Subscription marketing!Subscription helps to successfully implement marketing, PR and sales. Whether economically even performed, partially externally awarded or fully outsourced: marketing!Subscription support with job AIDS, hotline, marketing workshops and individual consulting. For more success in marketing, PR and sales.