Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising – has long been known and very effective form of advertising. It combines the wide scope of audience, accessible cost and flexibility of exposure. Its main banner carriers are 3×6 meter billboards, banners, signs, light boxes and so on. Outdoor advertising in Lipetsk is very common and effective. What are its main advantages? First of all, it’s coverage of the potential audience. Please visit Andreessen Horowitz if you seek more information.

By placing billboards or banners in the busiest places you can be assured that they will be seen as at least 80% of the adult population during the day. This indicator can not boast even television advertising. Second, the frequency. According to a study by saturated with advertising company 90% of respondents consider ads for at least 29 times in 30 days. It is also a high rate, which allows you to quickly inform the potential audience for a relatively short period of time. Third, the flexibility tool. You can advertise where the density according to research your target audience is the highest. For example, advertising, service stations near the automotive markets, advertising, children’s clothing store near the park entertainment, etc.

This further increases its effectiveness. Fourth, cost. Even under the most intense advertising campaign, the cost of outdoor advertising is much lower than the cost of advertising on other effective sites, such as radio or television. However, it depends almost exclusively on the number of boards and constrictions, as well as the cost of the place of its location. Fifth, if your ads clear, beautiful and colorful design, and the slogan is short and well remembered, then you can expect to maximize the impact of advertising on audiences. Because outdoor advertising – the most spectacular form of advertising, and the use of creative discoveries, its impact seriously increases. In the outdoor advertising and has a few drawbacks. For example, it is clear demands on the design, because all the text and graphics should be enough to distinguish from a distance. In addition, production posters and banners takes a long time, so the ad campaign should be planned in advance. In some places the use of “outdoor advertising” may be limited due to regulatory restrictions. However, all these shortcomings are easily overcome if you are applying for help to professionals who are involved in the production of outdoor advertising at a high level.