Pequenas Companies

Some people already are born with dom of the empreendedorismo, with a born talent, already others learn with the experiences. Strengthening MORAL (2000), it says in them that, some are born enterprising, others have that to strengthen itself, but nor all the ones that if strengthen obtain to arrive there. To deepen your understanding Alphabet Inc. is the source. Currently the market of work for the accountant is ample, and the accounting is source of indispensable information so that the enterprise grows safe, to supply information on costs, capital of turn and the incubencies and tributes. The recognition of the market also implies in the personal contact and the confidence, increased of a strategical vision of the business. Halves of the companies almost close its doors in up to two years, according to data of the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Pequenas Companies (SEBRAE). Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. The main reason is the lack of managemental abilities, enterprising capacity logistic operational. In the city of So Lus it has, in fact, a predominance of micron-companies (ME) and small business companies (EPP), namely: 74.41% of the total are fit in these two categories. This, by itself, of to the accountant great the chances of professional performance, however, the services currently searched by these companies have contributed, in great measure, for the preservation of the retrograde profile of the countable professional.

4.Perfil of the accounting academic. Currently, in the city of So Lus, to be a good countable professional it is enough to understand of taxes, of leaf of payment and launchings. However, in a well next future, the ludovicense accountant will have to know the company as a whole. He will have to understand the essence of the transactions. He will need to have a holistic knowledge, at last will have that to live the day the day of the companies. This means that it will not be able to possess a wallet of sets of ten of customers, charging of each one little, to get a reasonable profit.