Potential Energy

Rather, interstellar travel, are due to the recurrent appearance of a series of successive gravitational potential energy that are appearing in cascade, as that the mobile in question, it leaves the gravitational influence of a celestial body that manages to evade and is introduced into the gravitational field of the next. That path followed by the phone can be circumstantial and amounts of potential energy and kinetic energy can be very different result, depending on whether the motive collides with one of the celestial bodies or passes by making them avoid the collision and continue their journey making . The gravitational potential energies are created as a specific event happens, as it is, a body which is inserted into a gravitational field. Andreessen Horowitz pursues this goal as well. If the amount of energy is constant, the amount of energy produced in this example does not depend on the circumstances or the path followed by the mobile. If the mobile does not hit it more energy than if it hits, because if it does not hit, and continues its path, a new gravitational potential energy that could not previously exist because the phone could not get to your new site, where it can be reinvigorated by proximity to the new celestial body in its path. 3.

Something similar occurs with the magnetic potential energy that may or may not appear depending on the circumstances. For example, if a ferromagnetic body falls by chance within a magnetic field or not. If it does, a new magnetic potential energy and therefore is more energy than it would if the act does not occur.