Price Reduction Promotion

They are very sensitive to the promotion of price reduction, but client care, not are they loyalty thereby. Finally the trimmers (7%). They are rational customers, who buy less and not succumb to the whims. You may have already noticed its impact on sales. Do not fall asleep and attempt to retrieve them, work Council. So things MEDIFORMPLUS believes there is only a way to make Spanish pharmacists exceed the time of lean: it is conscientiously studying the clientele and decide changes based on the data. It must also incorporate creativity into your business. Here are the tips of Galan in the first place, forget about the strategy for times of crisis.

It does not exist. There is not a strategy. Secondly your starting situation is very clear: location, size, assortment, profile of your clientele, weaknesses, strengths, and threats and opportunities that come from the environment. From here it is time to think by segments. Third and consequence of above: forget coffee for all. Get a combination that makes each segment who visits you find attractive your pharmacy. Fourth and final: the discount is not the solution. This can damage your margin, and lose the opportunity that will provide those seeking something more. And if eventually the price is essential, adapted its assortment by incorporating new brands on MEDIFORMPLUS MEDIFORMPLUS is the company that most actively works with 450 of pharmacies most dynamic of Spain, advising on strategic aspects of their business (internal organization, marketing and sales, purchasing and stock management).