This scene of crises, does not only affect the involved professionals, but to one all of the Company, who if become critical targets of and restrictions judicial thus losing its credibility and power of market. Since the existence of the man in the land its production is verified through objects that concomitantly supplied a necessity of its time, being reflecting its abilities and its quality of thought. The periods of the history of the humanity had been divided through criteria of the development technician of production and tools (PILETTI & PILETTI, 2004). In this way the history of the man is constructed and improved in activities of production in aesthetic, artistic and social dimensions, being repassed and perfected in elapsing of its trajectory. These activities display a predisposition of the man to produce of creative and innovative form, in its environment defies that it, demanding its brainstorming, adequacies and activities in the environment of individual or collective form.

In the research of the authors I have questioned that the Intelligence and the productivity of the man are not only in the great technological constructions or the great scientific reflections, but is in the search of its ethical and moral productive Intelligence. Something that is reflected or constructed only can be Intelligent and productive if the principles that guide this construction will be ethical and moral, understanding that if it must take in account the cultural differences. I can add that of unconscious form the man even produces and if reproduces, this in the proper conception until its biological, physical and cognitivo development of form active. The man is untiringly in search of its identity and this expression comes being placed in its way to produce and of if making as new professional profile in a new system of work generating relations are socializadoras or hostile they. These professionals and the work market walk in search of innovations inquietando and demanding of the man to develop an intelligence makes that it to create, to innovate and to reinventar.