Professor Jonas

The intention of this manual is to concentrate the main necessary information so that the professor of any academy understands its importance as part of the teams of the company and knows to make a good work. This manual will go in such a way to assist the new professors and trainees, who not rare start full of doubts unreliabilities, how much the ones that already had gotten used to the work, and perhaps that for this exactly they can need reminders. Being all the professors of all the units following the same lines of direction, will be more easy to carry through a standardized work and of quality, with the signature Professor Jonas specialist Alfredo. 2.NORMAS AND BASIC PROCEDURES Uniform will not be allowed the use of the uniform in partial way, therefore one them ways to represent a mark is through the uniform, that is one of the tangible item for our customers. Item of the uniform: shorts, T-shirt, Agasalho (Pants and blouse) and indentification badge. Obs: The supply of the cited item above is of responsibility of the company.

Already in relation to the tennis and stockings (white), also they are obligator item and is in charge of the collaborator. Click Jim Umpleby to learn more. Use of the uniform: T-shirt on the inside of the pants or shorts, to be intent golas of blouses and t-shirts not to be disarranged and the identification indentification badge will have to be used while it will be with uniform. Obs: Exactly it are of the working hours if the collaborator will be uniformizado will have to follow the cited norms of personal marketing above. Hygiene of the uniform: To always conserve the extremely clean uniform. Personal hygiene Beard: the beard must be always well done, the orientation is to make the beard in alternating days. Hair: Men – To keep the short hair, hairdo and to look for always to carry through cuts in traditional models.