Company remeza, was founded in 1989 with the first days of its existence, its main purpose was to produce high-quality compression equipment, the price of which will remain accessible, despite the fact that manufacture of the equipment used the best materials, from the best manufacturers. To date, reciprocating compressors are exported to many countries in a large assortment: Screw compressors, receivers, mobile diesel station. Equipment organization Remez proved themselves to be both qualitative and inexpensive equipment. Very popular and common piston compressors remeza, characterized by its low price and high level of practicality of use compared to other types of compressors. Reciprocating compressors Remez make under pressure from 8 to 40 atm., Engine capacity 1,1 – 22 kW. And eventually emerging fault quickly eliminated as soon as possible. Let's talk about screw compressors, which are slightly more expensive to maintain, but they differ in low oil consumption and low power consumption.

A means such compressors you can easily and without problems set in a room near the equipment to which a stream of air, which greatly reduces the risk of moisture, and in consequence – corrosion, as well as hypothermia unit, if there is a need to bring it out. These compressors are direct drive or belt drive and are powered by compressed air, which is executed by the rotation of two running parallel to rotors. It has an automatic control system, control and protection, with which may be easily programmed the work unit for a long time and to ensure a continuous flow of air to this Hardware and gravely reduce the number of workers who serve it. These types of compressors, there are additional receivers (air tanks), air dryers, they will ensure your equipment high performance with minimum financial outlay for the purchase, installation, operation and repair.