Record Keeping

Bookkeeping needed and necessary for each company. The state requires that otchenast respected, and tax revenues correspond to reality. But in fact it is only our accounting department has the money, and in many Western countries, accounting – an effective and significant criterion of business, capital and industry in general. As far as our principles, our accountants can create a lot of problems with the centers of Statistics, until the imposition of fines, which naturally affects negatively on the company. Another element, which unfortunately does not have – lack of quality training, bookkeeping, which should be versed in their field and in the closing holes to yurispundentsii in the domestic legislation in the field of business. For completeness, the properties of money, the company has to put its solvency. To assess solvency (liquidity) of the company (organization) is a system of permissive factors put capacity of companies (organizations) in time and in full of the amount of calculations to make their own external Short-loan and according to estimates.

Unconditional liquidity coefficient gives a business the amount of currency and monetary investment to Short-Short-promises of the company. In the Company 'Breeze' rate unconditional liquidity due in 2001 fell by half according to the comparison with 2000, meaning it is 0.01. If the outside of its own to close the debt according to Short-loan and the company estimates (Organizations) are lured not including foreign exchange and cash investments Short-still accounts receivable, the liquidity ratio is calculated dangerous, as the case of foreign currency, Short-cash investments, receivables and other assets used by external debt Short-consistent calculations and credits.