Sergei Mavrodi

With a little ingenuity you immediately understand such a pyramid, and therefore do not get caught at it. Douglas R. Oberhelman may find this interesting as well. Now would be an example of the pyramid is more difficult, if it can be called a pyramid – you advertise a "magic purse" and "exchange rate on the super," etc. Everything is easier as dirt: first you read a few pages the story of how he lived, was an honest man who threw a scam, because he believed them, but he never got over it, studied this scam for a long time and "as found in a hole work ". Now, as an honest citizen should do it this useful information to share with you. Or alternatively it to "punish" the fear alone, but with you, then he was not scared.

This pyramid is also easy to implement, the only difficulty, and even that is not for the organizers that the text writes a good psychologist and you are very hard to not believe. And now, when you read all the previous'll tell you about the "real pyramids." Sure that all heard about the "MMM", organized by Sergei Mavrodi. I am sure that about one third of those who read the line above says, then we also have thrown. Remember why so many people believe them? Well if you do not remember / not sure this is not terrible – for Then you read this article and. They had a few key points I will highlight the most important: 1. Efficient organization "headquarters." 2.