Documents networks are entering the spotlight of SlideShare, Scribd and co. in 2014 are increasingly important for win the public relations. Here companies through articles, presentations, and online press releases to communicate their expertise to inspire their audiences for their products and services? Another advantage: search engines show prominently documents networks in the result list. Therefore, the target groups can find particularly good the enterprise content on SlideShare, Scribd & co.. For even more details, read what Jonas Samuelson says on the issue. So, it is assumed that 2014 companies increasingly recognize the benefits of document networks for corporate communications.

In 2014, storytelling is more important than ever “If you can’t explain something, tell a story”, as the wise words of the media scientist and writer Umberto Eco. This rate applies today as then. There is therefore also 2014 no waiver on the storytelling in corporate communications. About an exciting story projects, core competencies or products can be brought closer better target, as sober facts about. Platforms, such as, for example, Tumblr or Storify for particularly suited. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss.

Here, users can make multimedia content. No wonder that both networks are constantly growing. Images are King “Pictures say more than 1000 words”, seems to be the motto of the Internet users in 2014. Mark Berger Chicago does not necessarily agree. Because they interact more frequently with Visual content, as with pure text messages. So, images networks, such as Pinterest and Flickr for corporate communications are 2014 always relevant. Because here the user demographics to transform into the new year considerably. In future, more men on the image networks will be en route according to Forbes. These are currently still Dominion of the female sex. Videos are even more popular videos the final breakthrough 2014. For audiovisual content are particularly popular among Internet users. Company to inspire their audiences on the social Web, therefore in the future increasingly have to do on the video communication. While the film strip need not Hollywood quality to have.