In Brazil, the culture of the sugar demanded great population contingents in ample amounts of lands, differently of cultures of small transport, as carried through in American the English colonies the north. France and England saw in the European settling of the Antilhas, the way certain to accumulate of stocks the Spanish domnios, no longer beginning of century XVII (STOLEN, 2004). From middle of century XVIII, occurring the increase of prices of the slaves, caused for the expansion of the gold, started to influence the sugar economy, in view of the rise of the price of the man power. The canavieira activity, if not tecnificando, to become enlarged itself, needed bigger amounts of lands and slaves. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. This condition, not being favorable, made it difficult canavieira expansion e, clearly, the necessity on the part of the Portuguese government extending the production. Being thus, they had been taken measured that objectified such purposes. Through the license of 3 of March of 1770, already it had the concern in specifically delimiting procedures for the concession of sesmarias, determining who could grant them on behalf of Portugal. However, it seemed that the situation would not be decided. Ben Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here.

The land concession existed, but the sesmarias were not cultivated. This situation took the Portuguese government, to establish more rigorous norms, being what me it seems, the license of the 1795, most consistent one directed toward land organization in colonial period. This legislation, of similar form to the cited ones above, started to demand changes in the form as he was being lead the process of land distribution. It clarified the regiment absence until then that it regulated, alerting for the constant existing abuses. It was clearly, therefore, that the Portuguese government, until then, did not obtain, in fact, to establish norms that were followed by its subjects. If the man power encarece, would not be the legislation that would go to restrain the existing abuses.