Television Market

Anniversary celebrations on December 2, 2008, Reutlingen – December 2, 2008 tele market celebrates 21 years, coinciding with the 65th birthday of the company founder and owner Udo D. Rogotzki, with a reception at the Achalm Reutlingen. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ben Horowitz and gain more knowledge.. Many invited guests from politics and business are expected. Said to the former Prime Minister, Lothar Spath, associated to the company for many years already. Tele market belief in performance and the love for sale – thats the tele market group for 21 years the philosophy.

After over 20 years of successful sales and marketing as Sales Director at Gerling, recent Assekuranzvorstandsmitglied in the early 1980s (German Lloyd) and Managing Director at Bertelsmann, Udo Rogotzki founded the company tele market 1987 aiming to go new sales channels. As a service company for sales consulting, direct marketing solutions and active healthcare stock was tele market of his time of one of the first outbound Call Center in Germany. in 2008, the tele market group has seven locations with a 700 networked workstations and has 10 million Outboundcalls of one of the largest external, independent provider of active telephone marketing in Germany. Since 2002 tele market as a sales-oriented multichannel service providers offers all services in the direct sales and marketing. The technical and financial independence of the tele market group allows to enter into long-term partnerships and collaborations. Thanks to their 21 years of experience in direct selling, its solid structure, the good education of their agents and their innovative total concepts, the television market AG offers high quality standards, always aiming to set new standards. About 80 companies from diverse industries hire tele market per year, which is when many of them to the respective market leaders. Telekurs market AG holder since 1987 successfully on the market and Chairman is 65 for press registration to the hours send an email to the ua How to contact with.