General Manager

If you, as general manager is in this dilemma, seek urgent personal advice with an adviser who can build trust by very hard to make it for you, have to understand that the changes must be made once and for all to leave the clear path to a new stage of development of your company. 2. Keith McLoughlin shines more light on the discussion. What must management know handle emotional intelligence in order to prevent the manifestation of conflcito and ensure a favourable climate for the company? A good manager must be fully identified with the use correct their emotions, this account with the help of emotional intelligence, that is a generator of information and no mechanisms to improve our relationship with ourselves.It is more, the ability to influence people, the communicability, the ability to exercise leadership, adaptability to change, conflict resolution, ease to establish links, to collaborate and cooperate with a team, they are all skills that depend on a greater or minor development of emotional intelligence.A good manager must manage well the gift of feedback. The way in which are given and received criticism is important in determining how satisfied are the people with their work.I detail some advantages:-improved communication and interpersonal relationships between the members of the company and customers. -Increases motivation and leadership of the worker. -People feel more committed to their daily tasks. -Working in a calm working environment, where everyone will understand and respect their points of view. -Ascends the profitability of the company.

People with emotional awareness are: those who know that emotions are experienced and why. That perceived links between their feelings and what they think they do or say. Which recognize what effect have these sensations on their performance. Which know their values and goals, and are guided by them.The success of the training of the personnel of a company to improve your emotional intelligence has the following lines: evaluate the work: training must concentrate on skills they most need to stand out in a job or given work.

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