Internet Marketing

You are an independent profesionista with a serious urgency to promote your services? Then surely this one and other two articles will be very useful to know how to you how to take advantage of Internet and to offer your services of an effective and economic way. This series of articles will approach three tactical missions similar to your profession. In means of " freelance" it is common to find these situations: Constant problems to sell our services. Difficulties to have new prospectuses. Ignorance of the sales; in fact technique is not applied some. It is had little clients. The base of contacts is not sufficiently great and therefore the income fluctuate continuously and frequently to the loss.

In the majority of the occasions this happens because we do not promote our services; we think that only the tangible products are promoted. In addition, serious confusions with marketing exist; it is considered him to this one synonymous of sales or publicity. The reality is very different. But, because I speak of marketing? For a very simple reason. In order to be able to obtain some consistent result, it is in Internet or in any other surroundings, a technique is needed that helps to understand and to recognize the true needs us of the people as a offering the specific solutions that they demand.

And for it also a strategy is required that us makes visible to that portion of the market needed our services. To promote what we know to do of an effective way is an imperative of the market, and to make it accurately and effectiveness imply to use the correct technique; that is to say: marketing. We see it of one more a more concrete way. Case 1. Graphical designer What sells? A great product diversity exists related to this profession, but we will focus in something very specific: an office of publishing design.

Earning Money

Because currently generate income on the internet is so desired and envied by people. In recent years the money by internet industry has grown immensely. Many people who feel frustrated in their jobs looking for this to try to go out and generate income passively. But in my humble opinion what makes so desirable the opportunity to earn money on the internet is the freedom that gives us move us and not having to rely on the same place, Office, or city. Even those who have their own business could not have a not so enviable position, already that if you change from city to live because they do not earn much money. Therefore I think that the internet can change our lifestyle, that we can work from anywhere that is, the only condition is that you have access to an internet connection.

Many would like to be millionaires, but I do not. People seem to ignore that to become a millionaire requires very hard work. Interviews with many billionaires reveal has departed the spine as he is colloquially said to reach its position for many years. But I think qeu We can be much more happy with less money but with more time and mobility. I or I have a mansion or a luxury sports car, I’d rather have the possibility of travelling the world and living discovering places and people. Although he doesn’t do it in luxurious places. I’d rather live modestly but with mobility.

Loi is better have a decent amount of money but count are sufficient money to spend it. 25 Years I do a fortune, around $3000 USD per month, but only work 2 hours a day and I can do it from my home, or siquiero out of it, from a coffee or any part of the world where having access to the internet. Most people believe that being a millionaire les dara the life you want, but don’t know that living a lifestyle that you can be happy does not need so much money. I prefer my current situation to someone who earns much more money but who works 80 hours per week. I think that we don’t have to look at the amount of money that we do but in the relationship of enough money and time to spend it. Work on the internet has given me the ability to do this. At the time of writing This I am in Mexicos Los and anytime I can pack and travel to the Caribbean or anywhere that it wants me, because I have freedom. But it is not easy to reach this and you need to work very diro to earn money on the internet. If you want to know how to do visit my website: how to earn money and read my article: ways to make money fast on the internet.