Managing Director Mr Alexander Neuber EPOCS

Today, EPOCS ist fur alle da. Small business, medium-sized company, large group to share society, all are of the EPOCS consulting professionally and target-oriented advice. Innovative, efficient, targeted and solution-oriented working here on the concepts for the customers. The company principle of EPOCS is finally; “Their vision is our goal.” EPOCS wants to achieve the best results for its customers. Whether it’s an existing company or EPOCS is equally good and competent an entrepreneur, every customer of the consultancy advice. The EPOCS Consulting also has a good in-depth seminar programme.

These seminars were designed and developed all by Mr Alexander Neuber. Each seminar program will of course again on the needs of the individual customer individually tailored. Here a small excerpt from the program of the seminar: “Management in medical practices”, “Hedgehog sales seminar”, “Successfully selling in the financial sector”, “Successfully sell in the trade”, “Telephone training”, “sell on the phone”, “Team Training”, “Escalation team training” and “Motivation Training”. Soon even a rhetoric seminar is included in the portfolio. A note on the motivation training should be here yet. Objective this motivation seminar is to establish and achieve a long-term and lasting motivation. Here is pushed in a short, but this seminar should be understood as a cornerstone.

With the workbook what each seminar participant, he can work out a permanent and growing motivation. Love also coaching and coaching measures of EPOCS are carried out. Group and individual coaching are possible. The consulting firm EPOCS has many interesting and exciting projects ahead in the coming months and years. New business and business models are developed to be and many interesting and innovative projects are realized. The EPOCS consultancy represented by its owner and Managing Director Mr Alexander Neuber is well positioned with its “Products” and services and will continue to positively develop.