The Lesson

So serious and important to you this is the lesson – learning English was not a burden, but in joy! Need motivation. Strong and bright, which could lead you over as a guiding star, even when the solid lazy and did not want to. What could it be? Test yourself right now! That is, imagine you already know English. You know so well, that can freely communicate, read, write and understand everything and know all about those who spoke in English. JPMorgan Chase is often mentioned in discussions such as these. So what? What happens next? Imagine a very clear picture, like a movie. Had a good dream! What is the result of hard work to learn English? Huh? Does he, really exist or not? What you see, hear, feel, feel? Important even taste and smell. Here, you will find new online friends from different countries communicate with them with great pleasure and joy. Then go to visit them Or, you find wonderful like-minded partners to business in a rich country, communicating with them, carry a great, ambitious project, become a billionaire Or maybe, you're young and beautiful walking down the street and suddenly toward smallness confused foreigner – he stolen credit card, documents, and a hat with earflaps – a souvenir for his beloved grandmother from Baltimore You sympathize with him leads to his house, meets her mother, poite tea and cheesecake, are helping to restore some way Documents And finally catches up with you an incredible love, you marry him, and he turns out the rich buratinkoy.



This scene of crises, does not only affect the involved professionals, but to one all of the Company, who if become critical targets of and restrictions judicial thus losing its credibility and power of market. Since the existence of the man in the land its production is verified through objects that concomitantly supplied a necessity of its time, being reflecting its abilities and its quality of thought. The periods of the history of the humanity had been divided through criteria of the development technician of production and tools (PILETTI & PILETTI, 2004). In this way the history of the man is constructed and improved in activities of production in aesthetic, artistic and social dimensions, being repassed and perfected in elapsing of its trajectory. These activities display a predisposition of the man to produce of creative and innovative form, in its environment defies that it, demanding its brainstorming, adequacies and activities in the environment of individual or collective form.

In the research of the authors I have questioned that the Intelligence and the productivity of the man are not only in the great technological constructions or the great scientific reflections, but is in the search of its ethical and moral productive Intelligence. Something that is reflected or constructed only can be Intelligent and productive if the principles that guide this construction will be ethical and moral, understanding that if it must take in account the cultural differences. I can add that of unconscious form the man even produces and if reproduces, this in the proper conception until its biological, physical and cognitivo development of form active. The man is untiringly in search of its identity and this expression comes being placed in its way to produce and of if making as new professional profile in a new system of work generating relations are socializadoras or hostile they. These professionals and the work market walk in search of innovations inquietando and demanding of the man to develop an intelligence makes that it to create, to innovate and to reinventar.


Professor Jonas

The intention of this manual is to concentrate the main necessary information so that the professor of any academy understands its importance as part of the teams of the company and knows to make a good work. This manual will go in such a way to assist the new professors and trainees, who not rare start full of doubts unreliabilities, how much the ones that already had gotten used to the work, and perhaps that for this exactly they can need reminders. Being all the professors of all the units following the same lines of direction, will be more easy to carry through a standardized work and of quality, with the signature Professor Jonas specialist Alfredo. 2.NORMAS AND BASIC PROCEDURES Uniform will not be allowed the use of the uniform in partial way, therefore one them ways to represent a mark is through the uniform, that is one of the tangible item for our customers. Item of the uniform: shorts, T-shirt, Agasalho (Pants and blouse) and indentification badge. Obs: The supply of the cited item above is of responsibility of the company.

Already in relation to the tennis and stockings (white), also they are obligator item and is in charge of the collaborator. Click Jim Umpleby to learn more. Use of the uniform: T-shirt on the inside of the pants or shorts, to be intent golas of blouses and t-shirts not to be disarranged and the identification indentification badge will have to be used while it will be with uniform. Obs: Exactly it are of the working hours if the collaborator will be uniformizado will have to follow the cited norms of personal marketing above. Hygiene of the uniform: To always conserve the extremely clean uniform. Personal hygiene Beard: the beard must be always well done, the orientation is to make the beard in alternating days. Hair: Men – To keep the short hair, hairdo and to look for always to carry through cuts in traditional models.


Choosing Courses In English

Literally every hour English language is required more and more people who are not translators and linguists: many sources of information (research articles, textbooks, fiction, and just foreign news) is only available in the original, not to mention the fact that English is the language of business negotiations. It is no secret that the level of language proficiency, which gives the public school, certainly not sufficient in the modern world. Even if we succeed in school vyzubrit grammar to communicate with foreigners will be hard, because to freely express their thoughts in English (not to retell the jagged tops) in the classroom is not taught. That is why it is now so popular additional training in numerous foreign language courses, offering all sorts of techniques. How could navigate among the variety and choose a language school, which really helps you learn a language? First, determine what exactly you need to know English. If you're going to move to another country – this one, and here is to look for school, preparing for the corresponding International exam.

If you just want to be able to freely communicate, read, or, for example, to conduct correspondence in English – it is quite another. Secondly, you need to know your level of proficiency. Many schools English are encouraged to enter the opening test (usually free) to determine their English. It helps to perfectly understand what should be emphasized in training: the grammar or speech. If you want to start learning English from scratch, it is important to start with in order to understand the basics of grammar and structure of language (for example, the fixed word order). In principle, this is not even mandatory group sessions – can be workout with a tutor or reading relevant books. But not for long.

Once the basic rules learned, are strongly encouraged to begin to engage in a course, teachers who use the communicative technique, that is not hammered rules and new words, and put emphasis on the development of spoken language: working in pairs, discussing various topics, study of oral exercises, etc. Grammar to you too, no doubt, to explain, but without job, so to speak, from the practice. It is very important, because to feel any foreign language, it must speak freely. And it can learn to do just begun to speak. Therefore, as well as valuable communication method, because it helps liberated using a foreign language in the speech. Another important point in this case: lessons must necessarily be conducted in English, generally without the use of Russian. The reasons why I think clear: the only way you can learn to think in English. However, attending English language courses, do not forget about self-education. In addition to homework, it is useful to read in English, listen to music or audiobooks, watch movies, to communicate in English at every opportunity. But the main thing – it's motivation. Whatever you do, do it with pleasure, and then learning the language will be an unusually pleasant pastime.


Old Greece

The History of the current Education in offers to one vastssimo and valuable knowledge to them. The man after-modern searchs the affirmation as individual, face to the globalization of the economy and the communications. The after-modern education is critical … Recently Keith McLoughlin sought to clarify these questions. Trabalha more with the meaning of what with the content, much more with intersubjetividade and the plurality of what with the equality and the unit. It does not deny the contents. For the opposite, it works for a deep change of them in the education, to become them essentially significant for the student (GADOTTI, 1998:311). The current world coexists a multiplicity of educational movements, influenced for the old Greeks, the iluministas, naturalists, pragmatistas, racionalistas, among others. By the same author: Ian Sinclair.

The current society lives deeply this diversity of pedagogical movements, searching through innovative methods of education the solution of the human problems. In synthesis, the education is not born with the man. yes is acquired in elapsing of its life. It can, as social process, to strengthen the social cohesion, acting as force conservative, or, then, to stimulate or to free the individual possibilities of homing and choice between divergent alternatives, in determined moments where if they loosen the coercitive social ways. Between these two extremities have, therefore, a half-term that must be, of the point of sight of the society and the individual, the ideal goal of all educational process. 1.1.EDUCAO AND STATE the boarding until the present moment was for arriving at a conclusion that the school is not a separate island of the historical context where if it inserts.

In contrast, it is compromised of irreversible form with the social environment, economic e, mainly, politician. Thus, in this unit she will have a boarding of the relation Education and State in the educational politics. The relation of State and Education is not recent, therefore since Old Greece, in the idea and reflections of Aristotle, who takes first the great workmanship: Politics, and of Plato, creator of a system politician, in its book Republic, in which the society model would have to adopt a system of Education where all the citizens would have equality of conditions.


Afghan Aratta

From these works it follows that the suppliers of processed lapis lazuli in Sumeria, were residents of Aratta. Location Aratta map of the ancient world is the subject of the most that either there is heated debate. Various hypotheses, and that's just one of the main pointers to solve this problem rasmatrivaetsya lapis lazuli. It is known that such high-quality lapis lazuli is possible to obtain only in the northern Afghan province of Badakhshan in and because there was a hypothesis (author Sirianidi VI) according to which there is Aratta were located in the north of Afghanistan. This hypothesis is based on lines from the poem "and Enmerkar The High Priest of Aratta, "where literally reads -" .. lapis lazuli in his field for her the goddess Innin gather.

" However, for many reasons, this hypothesis is not confirmed. There are many other hypotheses, in mainly based on the idea of re-exports of lapis lazuli, but in this article, we do not consider it possible and necessary to enumerate them. The only thing that accurately follows from all this, it's categorical rejection of the hypothesis (!) According to which Aratta is located could somewhere in the territory of historical Armenia. Meanwhile, among other things, as we have yet to talk about this issue, the scientific world still have to pay attention to Armenia as a country where since ancient times has been greatly developed the production of lapis lazuli. If it were not so, it would have greatly surprised how ancient Greek scholars Theophrastus and Pliny called lapis lazuli, and they called it, none other than – "Armenian stone." This situation is only possible only if the Armenians have for many centuries before Theophrastus, long before the 4th century BC, have monopolized the processing and trade in lapis lazuli.

Pablo Freire

As much professor how much pupils, perceive its realities critically and create knowledge inside and for intermediary of the dialogue. For this reason, the excellent aspect of the pedagogia of Freire is its epistemolgica perspective in the process to create knowledge; its relation with the existenciais and cultural experiences (FREIRE, 2002). The dialogue, as the author says, is essential in this fight for a true education, it is a commitment with the other, and implies the recognition of the other, and is it who allows the educator and educating to reveal authentically more transparent more critical, each one defending its point of view, and presenting other possibilities, other options, while it teaches and/or while it learns. In other words, the dialogue is a horizontal relation. According to Freire, it is nourished of love, humildade, hope, faith and confidence. The dialogue is, therefore, a existencial requirement, that makes possible the communication and allows to exceed the acquired knowledge, lived. In this dialgica relation, to teach and to learn are possible when ' ' the critical thought of the educator or educator if delivers to the curiosity of educando' '. (…) But, for this the dialogue cannot be become into an unobligated chat that marches to the taste of perhaps between professors or the teachers and educating (FREIRE, 2002, P.

118). It does not have as to deny, as in them it points Pablo Freire, who the act to teach, to learn and to know is an arduous, difficult, but very pleasant way. The school does not have mechanically to restrict the education to the pure description of concepts around the memorized object or the content for the pupils. Its concern, designates the author, if it must the global formation of the pupils, in a vision where knowing and intervining in the reality if they find. But for this, she is necessary to know to work to the differences, are cultural, social they, that is, is necessary to recognize them, not to camouflage them.