Benevolent Annie

Today Annie friendly next story – now about the dog from Annie in Fort Collins. The city is located in the northern part of Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, about 100 miles north of Denver and consists of three cities population from 50 to 119 thousand. History of the northern part of Colorado strongly associated with life in the frontier settlers during the development of the West, and many of the Volga Germans in Russia, moved here, got fermami.Vse three cities were founded as centers of trade in the 1800s. Loveland served as a stopover on the way to Estis Park and the road through the Rocky Mountains. It worked flour mills and canneries. Fort Collins was a military town, and, except that was known worldwide for its school of veterinary medicine and agriculture. Greeley, a city with an annual rainfall of 406 mm in, became the agricultural center, whose prosperity began when the irrigation water the west side of the Rocky Mountains have been through a system of pipes and tunnels summed over the pass.

In the area of Greeley is the largest university that prepares teachers and museum border village of the last century. All in the 30’s of the last century in Fort Collins knew Annie, a road dog. ” In 1934, the railroad officials found sick and pregnant Breed dog in an old warehouse in the city Timnat. Good workers brought her back to themselves to the cargo depot in Fort Collins, where they began to care for her and gave her the necessary medical care. After Annie’s recovered, she gave birth to puppies and stayed with their rescuers. Annie met on a train cargo warehouses and adjacent to the depot passenger station in the next 14 years. When she died in 1948, railway workers buried her in a few steps from the depot, where she lived. Breykman Christopher Demuth, one of those who brought her to Fort Collins, poured a cement obelisk to the grave. In the epitaph reads: ‘From the C & S employees of our dog Annie, 1934-1948.