House Award

The Cultural Corporation of artists Proecologia decided to award with the 15th version of the prize N aitun to the Patagonia Defense Council by his consistent and arduous task to disseminate the serious threat of destruction of ecosystems that would be committed in the Hidroaysen project and his perseverance to make observations based on ecological sciences and territorial planning environmentally sustainable before law enforcement agencies evaluate and approve the project before public opinion. The ceremony Pablo Neruda was held on Saturday, April 10 at noon in Isla Negra, in the House of the Chilean Nobel. Award N aitun (clear, in mapudungun) was instituted in 1996 by the Cultural Corporation of artists Proecologia in order to distinguish and recognize the work of individuals or organizations of any kind and nationality that contribute to conservation, recovery, preservation, prevention and investigation of the environment in the environmental field. This Saturday, In addition, opened an exhibition of artists for the ecology in which will present their works 10 painters, 10 sculptors and 10 photographers on the thematic Patagonia without dams, which will remain open until May 7. Other winners at the global level, the Cultural Corporation of artists Proecologia presented the award to International Rivers, organization dedicated to protecting rivers and communities around the world who live in their environments, teaching about sustainable use of these and making awareness about harmful to the environment of the projects based on dams. Rafael Vallve Calderon, journalist based in Isla Negra and director for seven years from the written medium El Huallilemu was also awarded locally. In his case it was recognized for its management in the newspaper from the perspective of forming community, binder of different symbolic worlds that share a territory, as well as concern for the biophysical environment in relation to the spatial partner, which bravely has opted to be a citizen spokesman and oriented to assist through information and dissemination to strengthen and socializing among the inhabitants of the coast development strategy proposed from the matches to the late 1980s. The award reported the organizers of the ceremony that N aitun is the only award in Chile that relates to art, ecology and environment, and in its history it has awarded to Adriana Hoffmann, Guido Girardi, Sara Larrain, Juan Pablo Orrego, Manuel Baquedano, Juan Carlos Cardenas, Jose Luis Brito, Paul Landon, Nicanor Parra, Gunther Malfert, Mary Anne Muller, Jose Miguel Varas, Jose Ricardo MoralesMarcel Claude, David Molineaux, Malu Sierra, Humberto Maturana, Judge Juan Guzman, Luis Sepulveda writer. At international level he has awarded to Douglas Tompkins, Greenpeace Pacific South, equip with Jacques Cousteau, Vitorio Sorotiuk, grace Francescatto, Carlos Federico Mares, Leni t Hart, Graciela Romacciotti, Judge Baltasar Garzon and Maria Novo. The Corporation, which brings together artists and like-minded people from all disciplines and activities of the work culture that they share its goals and purposes, it was founded in 1995, and in these 16 years has been dedicated to develop and promote all kinds of activities and artistic and cultural initiatives that promote respect, preservation, recovery and improvement of the quality of the environment, the development of an ecological conscience, lucid and informed as well as the understanding of the rights and duties for with the nature and the harmonious integration of human beings and their work with the natural, rural and urban environment. Original author and source of the article.