Method Quintana Remedy

The knot in the throat is an involuntary contraction or spasm of the pharyngeal muscles (cricopharyngeal spasm) that causes the very annoying sensation of having something stuck in the throat, as if we were a foreign body which makes the Act of swallowing. This mysterious reaction of the body is produced most often by psychological issues, but what have immediate impact on the physical plane, i.e. a psychosomatic reaction in certain States of stress and anxiety. Until now I didn’t have neither remedy nor palliative fast, by what my Quintana method will prove very satisfying in the sense that is of immediate application and easy to carry out, being effective in the majority of mild cases that have a single psychological origin. Follow it all the times occurring knot in the throat and see how it is always as effective. Spasm cricopharyngeal knot in throat causes this syndrome results from a spasm or involuntary spasm in the cricopharyngeal muscle. Symptoms are they may show the following: * feeling of lump in throat. ** Feel like a golf course, a tennis ball or a ball of hair ball had stayed stuck in throat * feels as if the tie is too tight.

** Feel that I am being strangled. * Sensation of swelling in the throat. ** Symptoms can be imitated by pushing the cartilage in the neck, just below the Adam’s Apple. ** The bulk comes and goes depending on the day. ** The symptoms tend to be better in the morning and worse in the afternoon.

** Stress may aggravate the symptoms. ** The saliva is hard to swallow, however foods are easy to swallow. * Eat, in fact, often makes the tension disappears for a time. ** The symptoms are similar to the wanting to cry and be able to do so. Physiology there are two valves in the esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach). They are normally contracted slightly and relax when swallowing, so that food can pass through them and go to the stomach. They then collapsed again to prevent the regurgitation of gastric contents. If the normal contraction becomes a spasm symptoms begin. Stress often makes these spasms much worse. Many people have experienced tightness in the neck when they are stressed and this is similar. Even if it is not caused by stress, tension will make the spasm much worse. Relaxation in all its forms can improve symptoms. Remember that if the psychological tension decreases, the symptoms improve. I would point to apply as soon as possible the Quintana method before the advent of the unpleasant knot more quickly will be the disappearance of the same. And of course use it provided that appears the knot. By doing so we will get this strange reaction of our body is always under our control and not us under yours. To do so, our anxiety will diminish. Good luck, friends. This article has been contributed by Rafael Quintana. Researcher and Spanish innovator of long experience. If you are interested in knowing how to remedy your knot in throat, some tips and suitable precautions, I recommend that you visit the next link with more information: original author and source of the article