European Peoples

The interest to write this article and because today as much preconception exists, in the society how much inside of our schools. Leading with our pupils if they acquit ones to the others, in aspects as; financier, intellectual, emotional, and much more for the color of its skin as much on the part of the blacks, how much of the whites. JPMorgan Chase & Co. can provide more clarity in the matter. With this article we want to show that in full century XXI, racism is in prominence in our society. For the accomplishment and development of our article we work of qualitative form, making research with some authors whom they write on racism. Thus finding our problematic one that it aims at to argue racism as problematic pertaining to school.

Our interest is to try not to decide more to show the population that the familiar education is the solution for the problems of racism. 1 HISTORICIDADE Racism appeared, when the great nations made wars for the conquest of new territories, and other peoples, thus the relation was always of conquest of the captive peoples. Independe of color and race what it lost always passed to be captive of the winner. It has much time is verifiable that racism remained latent until the expansion of the European nations; it did not have racism necessarily, but a feeling of superiority of religious origin. Politician occurred due to the power who the church Christian exerted in the Average Age that justified the submission of the conquered peoples so that they were incorporated the Christianity. all those that were not submitted to the power of the Christian church was applied the Genocide, that generated a great racist feeling on the part of that they won the wars. 1.1RELAO BETWEEN the PORTUGUESE PEOPLE AND the AFRICAN the contacts with the African peoples for the Portuguese people in century XV did not have racial attrition.



In Brazil, the culture of the sugar demanded great population contingents in ample amounts of lands, differently of cultures of small transport, as carried through in American the English colonies the north. France and England saw in the European settling of the Antilhas, the way certain to accumulate of stocks the Spanish domnios, no longer beginning of century XVII (STOLEN, 2004). From middle of century XVIII, occurring the increase of prices of the slaves, caused for the expansion of the gold, started to influence the sugar economy, in view of the rise of the price of the man power. The canavieira activity, if not tecnificando, to become enlarged itself, needed bigger amounts of lands and slaves. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. This condition, not being favorable, made it difficult canavieira expansion e, clearly, the necessity on the part of the Portuguese government extending the production. Being thus, they had been taken measured that objectified such purposes. Through the license of 3 of March of 1770, already it had the concern in specifically delimiting procedures for the concession of sesmarias, determining who could grant them on behalf of Portugal. However, it seemed that the situation would not be decided. Ben Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here.

The land concession existed, but the sesmarias were not cultivated. This situation took the Portuguese government, to establish more rigorous norms, being what me it seems, the license of the 1795, most consistent one directed toward land organization in colonial period. This legislation, of similar form to the cited ones above, started to demand changes in the form as he was being lead the process of land distribution. It clarified the regiment absence until then that it regulated, alerting for the constant existing abuses. It was clearly, therefore, that the Portuguese government, until then, did not obtain, in fact, to establish norms that were followed by its subjects. If the man power encarece, would not be the legislation that would go to restrain the existing abuses.


Milluni Movement

Of the class representative point of view, integrant descriptions of the MNR belonged the small bourgeoisie. They were people of middle class, liberal, intellectual professionals in a way or another one; for the work or on bows of kinship the governing coast. Such revolution initiated in fact in 1943, the allies had given then, with success a coup d etat and had placed in the presidency major Gualberto Villarroel and three ministers of the MNR. The strategist of the party, under the influence of its theoretical greater, Carlos Montenegro, does not limit itself in the simple coincidence to finish its book nationalistic. The new government installed in 1943 confrotted if with a series of you raise social, strikes, murders politicians. For assistance, try visiting Electrolux. The enemies were in the left and the right: the thread if reorganized on behalf of the republican party.

In how much the PIR it obtained to control the estudantil movement politically, the MNR has great influence on the just-formed Syndical Federacy of the mining workers. The repression to the military of the Rapeta, the MNR and the Syndical Federacy was fierce, culminating with the slaughter of miners of Catavi in 1997. The miners of Milluni had entered in Lapaz to the shouts of ' ' proletarians unidos' ' launching dynamite bombs on what he remained of the army. In the valley of Coclabamba, in the region of the Titica, powerful organizations had appeared peasants, directed for the aboriginal heads. Luis Quevedo and Antonio Mamoni the Alvarez, who if had kept independent of the government and the laboring controllers. Regimes revolutionary of the MNR presided over for extensora peace, confrotting itself with two armed popular movements, without being able to control nor the one nor other; the laborer and the peasant. But we can notice that the MNR won politically and assumed the glories of a movement. Perhaps what the politicians do not know or they do not want to know; it is that development root deformed and distorted the social politics.


Railroad Company

Maa, with passage of 14,5km of extension, looser in 23 minutes. In 1855, the Cia. was established Company Railroad Dom Peter II, for the contract signed between the emperor, engineer Edward Price and the entrepreneur Cristiano Benecdito Ottoni, with the promise of being the railroad that would promote the integration of the domestic territory through the tracks. The locomotive Imperial Princess inaugurates the E.F. Dom Peter II, in 1858, binding station of the cut the Landing of the Burnt ones in Rio De Janeiro, with 47,21km of extension. Kevin Johnson is full of insight into the issues. In 1861, the works in direction are initiated the Mountain range of the Sea and the Valley of the Paraba finally was reached in 1864, with the arrival of trains of passengers to the Bar of the Pira. But not yet it was what they wanted the powerful barons of coffee who launched looks and objectives in the railroad that if approached.

The railroad D. Peter II, in the initial project, would arrive until So Paulo Waterfall, and from there the merchandise would be drained by the river Paraba of the South until arriving the Clientele of the pertaining Stairs at the time the Jacare, today located in Guararema. The first significant movement for the construction of the Railroad of the So Paulo valley happened in the end of the decade of 1860. The Cia. If you have read about Jonas Samuelson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Is Pablo-River was organized at the beginning of 1870 for important cafeicultores of the region, amongst them the Baron Gomes Pig of Jacare and the Baron of I castrate Rasp of Pindamonhangaba. In the State legislature of the Province of So Paulo of 24 of August of 1871, he was decided that the company would adopt bifool of a meter, due to economy of costs.

This error finished leaving this separated road enters two railroads of 1,60m of bifool. The Headquarters of the company were in the city of Rio De Janeiro, and had as initial landmark the station of the North, in the quarter of the Brs. The railroad was constructed in three sections, and arrived to have the visit of Emperor D. Peter II in 1875 to follow the construction. The train arrives the Mogi with great commemorations in day 6 of November of 1875. in 02 of July of 1876, was the time of Jacare, all the extension was concluded in 7 of July of 1877, with illustrious parties and guests as the Conde d' I, marry of the Isabel princess. One day the train passed for these cities and it did not come back more, however it left in imaginary popular a repertoire of sounds and images that never will be forgotten. To count the history of the railroad is to reviver an important chapter of our memory, that can be rescued in the preservation of each one of these stations in the Valley of the Paraba.


Social Moment

On the other hand, the note of deverescvicos to be fulfilled for the laborer, on behalf of a pautado speech naordem and in the good name of the Laboring Center, a representation of comoaquele elaborates would have to compose its classroom. The beneficient and civic activities in the daily one of the CentroOperrio at no moment developed a disruption with the relations decapital-work of that moment. No claim of the working-class movement, in the direction politician, if presents in acts. The specific case of favorecimentoe support of the Laboring Center to a laboring candidate the occulted State Assembly acabasendo, at a first moment, the dependences of a exclusivada meeting direction. The controlling participation of plant, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and politicians and other members of the civil society, appears as umfator of consensus between title=’ ‘ ‘ ‘ href=’ ‘ #_edn22’ ‘ name=’ ‘ _ednref22’ ‘ > 23. Although the daily subjects to appear emnmero bigger in analyzed documents, about 33 times, the assuntospolticos calls are cited in acts about 29 times. These data prove that oensaio of framing of the working-class movement and omission of subjects polticosno they had seemed to be solved, being that these subjects, when cited, they had generated controversy and they persisted being treat between the solemnities.


Senate Constitution

The Majority for FAS or Nefas! Mr. Ferreira de Mello declared in the session of day 17 of July, in the Senate, that the majority, of Mr. Peter II had of being declared by makes or for nefas, that is, if it will not be in virtue of the constitutional law, will be against ella. Cotejando this revelation as what the Sr.lvares says Axe, repeating the said one of Bonaparte in the advice of the five hundred, would not have all reason to assume that the opposition tram a revolution, a coup d etat, in case that the legislature, fidiciary office to the oaths, declares constitutional article 121 of the constitution. To the good of the honor of the Senate of Brazil, we will notice that the anarchica proposal of the noble senator was received with the sharpest signal from disapproval (…) Apresentamos the facts: the consequence takes off the reader impartial that elles locks up. (BRAZIL, 17 of July of 1840) At last, day twenty and eight of July in the one after Majority, exactly with a certain look of occurrence diffidence ahead, was born a hope of a promising future, through an analysis economic politics and. The endowment of Mr. Dom Peter II the Chamber of the Srs.

Members of the house of representatives occupa in fixing, as it orders the constitution to it, the S.M.I endowment.: Propoz the Sr.Alvarez Axe 500 stories, and Sr.Montezuma more than 100. We do not know if it is very, if it is little, if it is sufficient. The explendor of throno, the innumeros benefits that the Emperor must spill among its subjects to satisfy the softest inclinations of its heart, to alliviar all the hurts that begging and deserving the benes of the misery seem to demand it bigger liberality. Sera to put ella compatible with the weakness of our thezouro? A custom we find in France whose generosity we quizeramos that it was adoptasse; it fulfills not to haggle over, story more story less, in subject of this nature.


Public Market

The visit to the Archive, took to observe me it on built cultural patrimony, understood as a good of public fruition, in what it respects to the built patrimony, reflects the preservation notion, has a factor to construct an attraction in our society, therefore it searchs a reply involves, the inheritance of the city as a whole. Patrimony. This beautiful old word was, in the origin, on to the familiar, economic and legal structures of a steady society, taken root in the space and the time. Requalificada for diverse adjectives (genetic, natural, historical, etc.) that they had made of it a concept ' ' nmade' ' , it follows a different and thundering trajectory today. Historic site. The expression assigns a good destined to the fruition of a community that if extended the planetary dimensions, constituted of the continuous accumulation of an object diversity that if congregates for its common past.

(Choay. Franoise: The alegoria of the Patrimony, pags. 11-12- Translation of Luciano Vieira Axe) In elapsing of the visit I had the access to inquiries of the fire occurred in the public market in 1912, I observed an act book of the year of 1884 where it described the conditions of the alforrias in that period, the documents that the oficineiras it showed for the great group, brought tona the question of paleography, can reflect on the time where this documentation was inaccessible to the users and the researchers, then when consulting the manuscripts, I also confrotted myself with other relative aspects to the vocabulary, grafia, calligraphy. Inside of the dynamics of the visit we had a contact with the Detective Owl, where it sketches accuses on the fire of the occurred Public Market in 1912, according to oficineiras the detective owl was a citizen who appears mysteriously in the past. After the debate on the source primary with the oficineiras I had access to the periodic one of the time, a periodical dated in 1858, where it said following ' ' slave of African origin, ris&#039 is vendida in middle of March for a farmer for one gentleman of slave for 855; ' the negotiation was made right in Porto Alegre, this called me the attention for the fact as the blacks were treated in the communicative way, were treated as ' ' animais' ' that they came of the African continent, by means of document as this contract of purchase and sales of a human being I could observe the importance of the sources for the agreement of the past, using this material I detach that this period of the slavery is one of the most violent customs of some people in enslaving to another one.