Stainless Steel Irons

We offer a brief review of functions and types of irons, offered in our market, and we hope that this will help you make the right choice. Irons are simple, and steam with steam generator irons first type is almost available as to have little or no demand. The main range of many well-known manufacturers represented mainly by conventional steam irons, which are used in everyday life. Iron with steam generator are approximately five times more expensive than conventional steam irons. Their use is advantageous for large volumes of work (studios, lounges, shops, laundries, etc.). Dwell on the ordinary steam irons that we need in everyday life.

Sole – The most important element of the iron purpose of research on the development and creation of soles – to reduce friction during ironing and to protect the soles of the damage that is inevitable in the process of ironing things with buttons, snaps and 'Lightning'. In addition, the sole should evenly distribute the heat. To meet the sole manufacturers use different materials: stainless steel or chrome-plated steel, aluminum or aluminum with non-stick Teflon-coated or Ceralon, cermets. Stainless Steel Irons with soles made of stainless steel offering the firm – bosch, siemens, moulinex, rowenta. This material is strong (although not as durable as ceramics), no scratches, well heated and cooled, easy enough to slip over the fabric, it is easy to clean. However, these irons can be somewhat hard, heating and cooling is a little longer than irons with aluminum pads.