No Jet Lag Diets Work ?

Combating jet lag diets have been around for some time, but does it work? Perhaps the best known anti-diet "jet lag" is the Argonne Diet, developed at Argonne National Laboratory in 1982. Over the years, thousands of people have downloaded copies of this diet online and is reputed to have been used by an impressive list of people including the late former President Ronald Reagan, the U.S. Secret Service, CIA and the U.S. Army and Navy. In addition, it is intended to be used by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian swim team. However, when you realize that the only evidence to support the effectiveness of this diet is a study by the U.S.

military, this list of 'followers' may not seem so impressive. On the surface the U.S. study military does not seem to support the effectiveness of the diet, although the report (published in 2002) has identified a number of problems with the study and noted that " larger controlled studies and better should be used to verify the usefulness of the Argonne diet. "Perhaps the biggest problem with this study, however, lies in the reasoning behind the study and the group of people used to study. The hundreds of U.S. military to deploy thousands of troops around the world every year and jet lag has a significant effect on its operations. Prevent jet lag is thus something of a theme priority. However, curing jet lag on this scale can also be a very expensive business and looking for a simple, cheap, convenient and easily accessible, with few or no side effects was essential.