Job Search Problems

If you have any problems with the choice of a company can use issues and requirements set out in my article – Where do you want to work – The company of your dreams, you'll find on my blog – under Job Search. Then choose a direction and position. Main here – you chose the vacancy should match your experience, knowledge, skills, education. Step 2 – Do a site-resume and business cards – This step is optional, but its implementation will give you respectability. Step 3 – Study company for finding problems or improvements that can be corrected or implemented in your area of activity. Source of such information may serve as a site of the company in particular and the Internet in general, customers newspaper office, the employees themselves – security guards, janitors, competitors, advertising the company.

Here you will have to demonstrate skills Shtirlitsa. Problems exist in all companies, especially now in times of crisis. So you can easily it find. And most importantly – looking exactly the problem, the removal of which would bring the company more revenue. Step 4 – Develop a decision in writing to the problems found. This is perhaps the most difficult stage. It was from him depends the whole success of your operation – How to find a job in the company of your dreams. Since most of the problems lie on the surface, but how to solve them do not know, often in the company. Here you will have to work hard – prosherstit Internet, read books on the subject, ask around on the forums, with friends and so on.


How many citizens may say that you should not believe a word either in employment or in finding thereof – all equal citizens and they do not sign labor contracts, and various pseudo-agents for employment have the money. The latter category – it is generally a different story: to pay for air, at least not forbidden, and material losses are not so great. And the benefit is – the experience, albeit negative: apparently, until the Russian people himself on the bait – will not learn. Kevin Johnson is actively involved in the matter. Write to me – do not write about it, and each considers itself elected – say, something I just do not be deceived. But to labor contracts people are getting closer – though, usually before the termination of employment relations, and not before they begin. Become more accurate and employers (though far not all – many also include a cool to the content of employment contracts and other documents) – are actively interested in lawyers, how to properly dismiss workers, including those in the eponymous subject of our legal blog. Source: Jonas Samuelson. More frequently, the situation is as before: first, the employee is fired at random, and then just run to the experts: what do you do? In most cases, correct (he and only) answer: pay, that employee needs as well as doing something already too late.

To paraphrase a classic, so to say: “with employees to give up correctly, you must have them to work competently take. Simply just the same (of course, provided that the rights and duties of the employee are painted in an employment contract thoroughly and competently) to part with idlers as many personnel officers advised: “In the morning you give the task, and writing and on receipt showing date of execution (in accordance with official duties, of course), and after this period requirest report on work performed. Work is not done – impose a disciplinary penalty, For example, a warning.

Factors Of Economic Stability

Economic stability of the corporation will depend on the influence of numerous and various factors. The variety of aspects require classification. Factors can be classified according to the firm's environment: the factors internal and external environment. Internal factors are called the determinants of service production team. External factors – those that do not depend on the work of the production team, but quantitatively determine the level of industrial and financial resources of the enterprise. Internal factors affecting the stability of the firm in terms of content are numerous and varied. Highlight the key ones. 1.

Objectives firm. Most of the activities of any company found to target, depending on which direction are formed and how the activity itself, as well as the composition and amount of funds required to achieve such goals. Goals and objectives take its place in such areas as marketing, finance, labor and material resources, productivity. In turn, each employee and separate department for them has their own purpose. For the literate operation of each company's goal of any person, of the department must possess a single direction and coincide with a view to extending the company itself.

And the goals will not only be balanced between themselves, but are balanced over time. Any activity is known to be effective if the objectives are made pre-determined manner and in a timely manner. 2. Structure. The structure is a combination of stable internal dating corporation providing its functioning and development. The structure does not occur randomly, it has no dependence on the goals set itself an organization.