Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson: Of course, I have a great tendency towards fanaticism which is very close to the surface. The first time I watched the first part because my mom called me and asked: “You looked “Iron Man”? “. And I told her in reply: “Iron Man”? I’ll see, but it’s really not my style. ” I thought that if my mother advised me to watch “Iron Man”, so it is a wonderful movie. It’s not that My mother – a big fan of comic books.

When I looked at it, I was shocked. I’ve never seen anything like it in this genre. – When was this first encounter, you have to try on the role of any super-heroines? Did they have to accept something for you? Scarlett Johansson: There were different kind of heroine of the Moon (Moon), and like it? Red Witch? Blond phantom (Blonde Phantom). Maybe we are about some more talking. Maybe I’m all of them wrong perceive? Had a pair of heroines, which I looked and thought: ‘Okay, this is the heroine who could come in handy somewhere. ” – As you get used to his character in terms of acting, apart from physical training? Scarlett Johansson: I think my character – like a werewolf.

As if I was playing two different characters. One character is more mysterious, I would not say that it is humble, but I believe it merges with the crowd. The second aspect of my character – energetic and knows its own merits. She can simply say: “I’m going to fight in that direction.” For me to have the opportunity to experience the feeling to be capable enough to play it, even though it is capable of fight, and do not think it will calm down a simple beat. For me it was a daunting task, but John was a terrific. He gave me a really supported it. – Was you happy with the way you dress is sitting on a cat? Scarlett Johansson: In the end – yes, I was happy. I must say that when you’re so much effort to invest in something, anything to wear, it’s better to stay happy, rather than vice versa. – What was your reaction when you first saw yourself in this suit? Scarlett Johansson: It was incredible to see it first. All of a zipper, and all the weapons on him, handcuffed, and all that. I must say it was pretty cute. Of course, I came to the set in it, and many of those who worked on the film, were fans of these comics, and of course, they know the Black Widow. All were incredibly happy to see the Black Widow. When all of them, and the whole crew, said: “Looks awesome” – then I thought: “Then Okay. – What was it like? Scarlett Johansson: What was it like? It’s hot. Hot and crowded. Source:.