Duo Gold Dust – Love Is Like Chocolate

The new single from the duo of gold dust – love is the new dream pair of German Schlager like chocolate! Their debut single is love like chocolate”off immediately at the start and invites the audience to the dancing and singing with a. Manufactured with expert hand Norbert Hammerschmidt – text and Walter Wessely composer this charming title, produced in the Wetcat by Jorg Lamster Studio. A song that immediately goes into the ear. The duo of gold dust consists of singer and presenter Antje Klann and singer Klaus Beyer. Both met already 10 years ago at live performances, and were at first liked. 2010 was the idea to form a duo, since they harmonize vocally as well visually super from both artists. The duo of gold dust was born.

Antje Klann already as a little girl know that you want to become singer and was discovered on a singing competition in Berlin at the age of 18. Click here may not feel the same. “You won this and there followed first own songs such as new dreams” and for one night “by Michael Hansen. in 2004, you released your debut single Each moment”. As a presenter, Antje Klann made itself long a name the public and fellow artists and through every show, charming and professional. With her husband, the singer leads an event agency and designed events with artists such as Kristina Bach, Jurgen Drews, Andy Borg, Uta Bresan, wind u.v.m. For three years, writes your lyrics even the young singer and crosses the wonderful trip 2011 with their first own musical at the start of the Grimm’s fairy tale land”which is performed in cooperation with the Castle Garden Festival of Neustrelitz. Klaus Beyer – took Klaus Beyer singing and acting lessons at the age of 18 to make his stage performances professionally.

Mid-nineties Klaus met the singer Inka, who introduced him to her father, the composer Arndt Bause. The two were so impressed by Klaus, which immediately started Arndt Bause, to design an entire album and record. The single where did come from the summer longing”is still part of many radio programs. The first single was also the TV on it, the sympathetic, remaining natural boy. Musically, he transformed in recent years by the dreamy young man to a seasoned entertainer, knowing exactly what to expect his audience by him. Just point out also the latest productions are erected such as only a grain of sand”or your heart on my heart”. Both artists look back on many years of stage experience and immediately capture your audience.

Electronic Musician

Looks like a typical artist, working in a genre of electronic music? His appearance – this is not something for which viewers come to his show. In the pop or rock music, image and external appeal within 90% of cases are necessary for success. Electronic music is blind to color, race, origin, gender, political and religious views. A large number of students do not even know, as artists – the authors of their favorite tracks look like. Even loud names in the industry can not be recognized by the listener, because the electronic producers – fans much more than big names, but many of these fans make more interesting music than the celebrity. Artists in worldwide influence their social environment, they realize it or not.

Music penetrates the consciousness of even the background sounds. This is the difference between music and just surrounding noise – the noise is random, and the music was created specifically for pleasure of the listener. Good melody was heard one day can not go out of my head for days. Even if a person and not a music fan, he will receive positive emotions influenced by what he heard. One of the famous electronic musicians remarked that in his speech, most importantly, the music spoke for itself. This is a fundamental way of thinking electronic artists like the thinking of jazz and classical musicians. They understand different genres of music, not zatsiklivayas at one and the same, and trying to incorporate in their sound elements of different styles. They do not have an artificially created image, and indeed the image itself. Like no other, they remain on the scene just by people wanting to bring the sound, which they love so much, and that is their life-pulse.