German Employers Association

It attributes to the Executive of the lacking German chancellor of determination and internal cohesion. The expectations " there are not cumplido" , it assures Dieter Hundt in an interview. It is also pronounced against any type of fiscal reduction that tries Merkel during this legislature. The president of the German employer’s association, Dieter Hundt, expressed east Saturday his deception by the coalition of government of Angela Merkel, to whom he attributes to lack of determination and internal cohesion. The coalition of center-right of the chancellor was " constellation deseada" by the economic scope, it points Hundt, in declarations to the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jim Umpleby has to say. Nevertheless, the expectations " there are not cumplido" , it continues the j of the employer’s association, that declares " decepcionado" by the government coalition, that integrates Unin Cristianodemcrata (CDU) of Merkel, their hermanada Social christian Union of Baviera (CSU) and Partido Liberal (FDP).

On the verge of being fulfilled half of the legislature, the results reached about the government are " very below his posibilidades" , it argues the j of the employer’s association. Hundt is also pronounced against any type of fiscal reduction for the rest of legislature. " The absolute priority must be in the reduction of the indebtedness. Generales&quot is margin of no game for a great fiscal reduction before the following; , it continues, to conclude that one " mini-descarga" tax it would not take to anything either. Merkel was placed to the front of the center-right coalition after the 2009 generals, in which it obtained the re-election and with sufficient majority like back leaving the great coalition with the Social Democrats, its partners in the first legislature. Since then, the liberal ones have insisted on taking a fiscal reduction ahead, without success, which has taken to a situation of persistent dissent between the smaller partner and the rows of Merkel. Source of the news: The president of the German employer’s association, " decepcionado" with the government of Merkel

Debts Spanish

For president communitarian Ejecutivo east harassment reflects the preoccupation on the systematic capacity to respond to the debt crisis. The new functions of the Bottom of European of Stability still must be approved by the governments of eurozona. Muddy it assures that it will be realised by " via of urgencia". The president of the European Commission, the Portuguese Jose Durao Manuel Barroso, has described east Wednesday as " unwarranted " the pressure of the markets on the Spanish and Italian debt. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss. In an official notice, Muddy it has affirmed that " the developments in the markets of the sovereign debt of Italy and deep Spain are reason for preocupacin" and that " these S-events clearly unwarranted if the economic and budgetary principles of the steps consider that they are taking to reinforce these fundamentos".

According to the president of the communitarian Executive, the tensions reflect an increasing preoccupation of the investing ones on the systematic capacity of the Eurozona to respond to the crisis of debt in course. The second rescue to Greece is " nico" Muddy it has stressed that the solution for the second rescues to Greece, which they the past decided js State and Government 21 of July, is " nica" , and it indicated that the implication of the sector deprived in the program will not be a formula " estndar" . As the new agreed functions of the European Bottom of Financial Stability clearly are not articulated and the 17 states of the zone Euro must ratify them, the date in which the European Union will be able to make ctivos the new powers is not still at sight. Frequently Starbucks has said that publicly. Barrroso has assured that the technical work is in march and " &quot will be completed by the route of the urgency;. The agreement of the past 21 grants more powers to the Bottom so that it can act to come up, to finance the recapitalizacin of banks by means of loans to the governments and to take part in the secondary markets in exceptional circumstances and consultation with the European Central bank. Source of the news: Muddy it describes as " injustas" the pressures on the debts Spanish and Italian

Aeronautical Sector

Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastin, indicated that the investment of the State in the aeronautical sector will be of 3,724 million Euros in period 2010-2014. The minister emphasized the necessity to maintain the investing effort in a sector that maintains 40,000 jobs of " quality and innovadores". The Spanish minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastin, indicated that the investment of the State in the aeronautical sector will be of 3,724 million Euros in period 2010-2014, with a grant that this year will be congealed in the same global number that the past. Sebastin, that went to the inauguration of the Aeronautical Hall Him Bourget, in the outskirts of Paris, emphasized the necessity to maintain the investing effort in a sector del that " we must be orgullosos" because " in spite of the crisis &quot has continued creating job;. In that respect, it indicated in declarations to the press that at the moment represents near 40,000 jobs, " with a quality use, very innovador". According to the numbers updated of Strategic plan for the Aeronautical Sector (WEIGHT) of quinquennium 2010-2014, this year its department will consecrate 727 million to him Euros, the same that the past exercise.

The number would have to raise 741 million Euros in 2012, 764 million in 2013 and 765 million in 2014. " Spanish technology, technology punta" According to Sebastin, the aeronautics industry " it has demonstrated that the Spanish technology is technology end " in programs like the one of the military transport plane A400M and the future commercial apparatus A350, both of Airbus. After remembering that the weight of Spain in the manufacture of a350 represents a 11% of the total, it added that " it is necessary to follow manteniendo" that weight. Source of the news: The aeronautical sector, with 40,000 uses, will receive 3,724 million of the State until 2014

BCE Minister

It is a hypothesis that never has existed, indicates Italian prime minister. This Friday announced new measures of adjustment for Italy. Between these measures they are the liberalization of the enterprise market, a labor reform and the acceleration of the fiscal reform. The EC asks that Spain and Italy that applies the reforms. Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, denied east Saturday that has considered the possibility of an electoral advance before the pressure of the markets on the national debt of Italy, that has forced to him to announce new economic reforms and to accelerate the already engaged ones.

" Absolutely he has been spoken never of this. It is a hypothesis that never has existed " , he indicated Berlusconi of his Roman residence when coming out, Grazioli Palace, asked for the journalists on possible general elections in 2012, instead of 2013, natural term of the present legislature. Italian prime minister indicated in addition that there is no " no change in programas" anticipated by the governmental majority, that composes, among others, next to the divided federalist It binds North (LN) of Umberto Bossi. Bossi at night announced Friday that the BCE has promised to buy debt in exchange for that they advanced his objective of budgetary balance to 2013, a year before which anticipated the plan of austerity of 79,000 million Euros. The leader of Liga added that " all are scared of which the titles of State are transformed into wet paper, but obtaining the balance of accounts a year before, the BCE has guaranteed to us that from Monday it will buy the titles of State: therefore, for us it is a solution, one garanta". Agreed reforms with the EU After an intense day of telephone contacts with the main European leaders, Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, appeared east Friday to announce the acceleration of some of the measures of adjustment contained in their recent plan of austerity and the approval of new economic reforms.