Dutch Construction

Austria in thought in mid-2007 in the Kirov press was the news that the pulp and paper Works in the region, possibly to build a consortium of Austrian companies with the participation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The corresponding agreement of intent was signed in Vienna, the regional government and Austrian companies 'Heinzel', 'Franz Mayr-Melnhof Sage-und Holzwerke GmbH' and 'Osterreichische Bundesforste AG'. If the plans are parties to the agreement are implemented, the cbk in earn in 2011. At the moment, as the sites for construction companies and are considered Kotelnich Murygin – they fit in terms of proximity to raw materials and transport and communications, have suitable soils and labor. In this case, investors tend to favor Yuryanskogo area. The project provides for the phased construction and commissioning of the plant for the production of pulp and integrated with the sawmill. Start of construction is planned for 2009, and the launch of the components in 2011.

The total investment volume is estimated at 980 million Euro. Recall the construction of pulp and paper mill in the area authorities say has at least three years. But so far only say "This project is no pipe dream – commented Aleksey Korshunov. – The normal term of early elaboration to real investment in such cases is 7-8 years. Now there are major shifts. Negotiations with the Austrians did not end, furthermore, show an interest are a number of investors. Concrete is, but it is not implemented in the first brick.

" Thus, we see that large foreign companies did not leave without his attention Kirov region. Spaniards, Italians, Austrians, Dutch and Swedes interested in investment in such industries as forestry, household appliances, tires, etc. Although we can not agree with the opinion of Sergei Tolstobrova that "in general does not matter where we are receiving Investment: from abroad or from other regions of Russia. It is normal that we had both Russian and foreign investors interested to invest. "