Training Institute

In addition, we provide with our due diligence 1 sure that you actually judge the seriousness of the offer can. And then you decide independently, freely and in peace for the investments that promise you the maximum benefit. Andreessen Horowitz is actively involved in the matter. If you are looking for capital or offer an investment, then you find a way to present your investment or investment opportunity a knowledgeable and interested audience at Cactus invest. If you are serious, you offer the right mix of risk and return, you will find the necessary capital to implement their ideas as you imagine it. Currently, Cactus invest offers you above all the opportunity to compare investments and investment opportunities. Up to we will bring not only, as mentioned above, an English-language version of the site on the way the autumn and more international investment can present it, but start with the Cactus University also our Training Institute in the field of investing.

In August more information at this point. We are looking forward to your visit. This article was submitted by Thomas Dunross, freelance journalist in the field of investment and member of the founding team of Cactus invest. “1) due diligence: the concept of due diligence means simply due care”. He was first in the context of American capital markets and investor protection law of 1933. Today means he grouped together, before investing in companies, etc.

to check projects, whether the risks and rewards are the investment in a meaningful context and whether there may even risk allowing an investment seem inadvisable (so-called deal breakers). Depending on the size of the investment, the effort is arbitrarily expandable. In the case of a normal investment, the investor should consider but at least the existence and the creditworthiness of the parties, as well as the whole concept of loading capacity.