Guiasa Capacity

Creative thinking leads to new experiences, some more developed than others because of cultural and genetic factors, among others, to act the way these experiences are related to prior knowledge and find new solutions to the difficulties encountered, and in conjunction with critical thinking, which complements the right cerebral hemisphere. In that thought is influenced by aspects of creativity, which you can learn, develop and depends on the level of importance assigned to each his thoughts expanded James O. Whittakera . You can learn to think creatively and to incorporate innovation processes. (Source: Howard Schultz). One of the most important is changing the role of instructor, teacher, teacher and knowing only the subject. Therefore the creative capacity depends not on how people are creative, but the conditions that a Guiasa created to promote the innovative spirit of giving confidence to gente.a cognitive preferences of individuals, always transforming the way we think and behave, motivating and emotional attention to a relationship through communication. Relativizing the capacity and capability of the rules and regulations.

No opposing arguments reflective thoughts or the other but incorporating them aunandolos and transforming, creativity includes reformulating ideas and do it as an expectation not at risk, the mistakes we should be used to restart the process of reflection, to create new hypotheses, sharing the imagination , intuition, logic, aesthetic sense. You need a rich environment that stimulates creative thinking, which seems to be essential. It is important to maintain the spontaneity, recognize the creative efforts and strengthen the creative capacity.