Wedding Convoy

Forget about the problems associated with the organization of transport guests from the wedding location to the place of registration or celebration of your wedding day. Leave these worries festive agencies that provide so-called "shuttle" services. The most popular to date are: horse-drawn carriage. This is without a doubt the most romantic trip. Trolley walnut decorated with flowers and silk ribbons in her drawn by two horses, which choose the couple. Typically, horse-drawn carriage used to walk for short distances. On average, the cart can accommodate 12 people. River boat, ship Another original way to transport your guests – water taxi.

Your Friends and relatives will be the sea of adrenaline from the river walk. Cartage carriage horse-drawn carriage at Catania particularly like children. A trip to the manger really fun way to travel, but be careful – do not cart has a door and from it we can easily fall out. Also need to take care that the passengers did not have an allergy to hay. Many of the organizers of the bus weddings are confident that this is the most popular way to transport guests. During the trip Guests can get to know each other better. One bus can fit 50 people! Trolleybus When the couple want to familiarize their guests with the sights of his native city, they bought sightseeing trolley. Plain trolley without any conveniences rarely enthralls "tourists." However, a special trolley, equipped with air conditioning, sound system and mini-bar will appeal to everyone.

Ride in a sleigh What could be more appropriate for winter weddings, than ride in a sleigh? Guests advance warning of what to put on warm clothes to ride with the breeze. Limousine Who said that limousine rental is only for the bride and groom? Some newlyweds bought a luxurious limousine ride to all its guests. However, it is practiced for small celebrations. And that's not all the services that you may have on the organization limousine. Now you only have one problem – to decide what is right for you!