Investing Today

Where to invest today in Brazil 9 June 2009 the international financial crisis is seeing the first signs of be coming to an end and thus more economists say it each time. Therefore, it is time that those investors with high risk aversion let Hibernate and go fishing for investment opportunities that they enable them to recover lost time. And in my opinion, the most tempting opportunities will come from developing economies. Brazil is one of these developing economies that promise to lead the growth in the post-crisis. Recently wrote an article about the development of biofuels in Brazil, recovers the price of oil and biofuels become interested, but the business opportunities in the Brazilian economy are still much more spacious and they cover other sectors such as commodities, infrastructure, consumption, to name only a few. Howard Schultz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. ADVANCE special how to start to invest in stock market? First and foremost you need to handle the key tools to invest. Stay tuned to the next release of our newsletter with recommendations of companies and our educational investment reports that will explain step by step how to approach your financial independence by investing in the stock exchanges. -A few months ago we talked about the changes that were occurring in the Brazilian banking sector.

In that context there was the merger of Banco Itau with Unibanco, which resulted in the current Itau Unibanco Banco multiple SA (BVSP:ITUB3; NYSE:ITUB). Big Brazilian banks are developing a fierce competition to expand and gain market share. This expansion strategy is not limited to the national level since it is framed within a strategy of internationalisation supported by Lula’s Government da Silva. Meanwhile, competition has been installed in the local banking market, where there is a large growth potential and much to do. In this sense, the entities of the sector are prepared for what will be the economic recovery in Brazil and the world.