German Residential AG Tries To Relieve Himself

With our article of the 6.12.2011 ‘Germans living AG still trusted for estate agents?’We reported here about a process between a real estate agent and the Deutsche Wohnen AG As it involves brokerage receivables of approximately 1.9 million, which is disputed by the German residential AG with contradictory arguments. So knowledge is asserted on the part of the DeuWo through a third-party broker and it refers to a purchase offer made to the 18.4.2011 to the seller already. Douglas Oberhelmans opinions are not widely known. It was but so far not ready to prove these statements against the agent. While it would have been but easy to name the alleged third-party broker, to submit his corresponding Expose and be provided with confirmation of the offer or other proof of receipt to the seller. This was understandably so far demanded by the agent and inexplicably denied by the DeuWo. But now the lawyer of Deutsche Wohnen this claim to the part is fulfilled. He put the writing a purchase offer on a staff Saleswoman, predated on the 18.4.2011, and believed the matter would have done so.

The bid refers to a residential portfolio specified not by addresses and offered here 47.85 million purchase price. Still is asked as usual to a six-week exclusivity period, to check the documents to the portfolio. But still, the alleged third-party broker remains unnamed and his expose will at any point of the tender offer referred to. An other investor about 52.5 million submitted a purchase offer by letter of the 18.5.2011, this time directly to the Managing Director of the seller. Here was a period of exclusivity of the 20.5 30.6.2011 asked and the addresses of the portfolios listed exactly. The CEO declined the offer as too low. The same Managing Director on the 6.6.2011 of the agent issued the release to the offer submitting of the portfolio of German living AG, as he claims in this matter was with the DeuWo still not in contact! They sent then to the 15.7.2011 a (again?) Purchase offer.

On the 28.8.2011, this residential portfolio was then purchased by the DeuWo. The presented here alone and isolated bid of DeuWo from the 18.4 so creates more confusion than it contributes it to the enlightenment. As long as the third agent is not named, his expose will be presented and documented at least a reaction of the seller on the purchase offer, it remains a proposal that any Secretary could have written anywhere. It is definitely not to explain the matter so breezily as adjusted and expire to let the agent in hopelessness as the advocate of the DeuWo put it. Why not comprehensively explains to Deutsche living AG, to explain the thing as comprehensible adjusted then? That might have happened weeks ago. This expires the DeuWo Attorney in a practice, which is not necessarily worthy of a leading listed company in the housing sector. Here not sovereign could be be, instead of frantically barking”? The agent wants to get but only comprehensible documented the claims of Germans living AG. Actually also in the light of the sums granted, which could walk silently across the stage, if you had nothing to hide. Why doesn’t it? The progress of this matter is reported at this point further.