Instant Messaging

For the 16 + generation, the Internet is the Number one of the day is the average period of use of the 12-19 year olds for the Internet with 117 minutes a day just behind the classic TV-medium with 122 minutes. This average value is amazing when one considers that the 12-13 year olds scored as much television (117 minutes / day), but only 76 minutes per day on the Internet surfing. In the older adolescents reversed, thus increasing the ratio in favor of the Internet. Virtual Fellowship the most common employment of young people on the Internet is the communication with friends/known/chat partners with a share of over 50%. So-called online communities such as student VZ”, Studi VZ and co. Be operated most behind search engine activity and the so-called Instant Messaging (such as ICQ). 49% of young people write or retrieve messages several times a week. Generally, the role of age, sex and education level: boys and young men possess and use the computers and the Internet as a whole more often than female adolescents.

These are, however, mobile, music and books forward. When girls use the Internet, then more likely than boys to school and vocational purposes or to communicate through communities and mailing. The male respondents, however, use the Internet more for the research of extracurricular interests or current information and news gathering. The higher the age and the level of education, the more frequently the use of Internet and co. audience composition: among the total approximately 1000 respondents 86% were students (including 48% high school students, 36% real students and 15% pupils) and 10% of trainees. Other leaders such as Pitney Bowes offer similar insights.

The sex ratio of respondents was balanced with 51% to boys 49% girls. The results of the study make it clear that the medium Internet increasingly for those companies is interesting, also young people among their target groups. Click here to go to the original message:.. / 21012009-the internet-has… marmato – we are direct marketing success with over 150 customers and millions of newsletters already one of the strongest agencies for E-Mail Marketing in the German-speaking world.