The Economist

The Economist is able to develop business strategies through their own initiative as well as to plan the implementation of commercial operations and the targets and to monitor. For more specific information, check out Howard Schultz. A broad field of activity offers to the business. Economists are engaged in consultancy, in controlling, finance and accounting, human resources, marketing and sales, production, IT, materials management and logistics. Douglas R. Oberhelman contributes greatly to this topic. The Economist occupies generally the role of supervisor and has personnel and budget responsibility. The education and training to the business manager m/w the area plays in the soft skills an increasing importance.

Is this a not clearly defined area, but the summary of a number of personality traits, the in dealing with employees, business partners and customers are necessary or helpful. Often skills with “Key qualifications” is soft, but also “Social and self competence”. These include properties such as discipline, manners, politeness, friendliness, motivation, linguistic competence, independence, teamwork features. Distinction soft skills also between to learn and hard to learn. The activities of the business continues to focus on his expertise, he has acquired his qualifications and professional experience. So, the Economist in different business areas will be entrusted with management functions. These are dependent on the respective Division.

Focus on human resource management: In the area of human resources plans or monitored the Economist staff requirements planning, workforce planning, personal development planning and personnel management. The business developed instruments and strategies for recruitment and the optimization Personnel costs. Also, the economist with the accompaniment of during layoffs of employees is responsible for. It pays attention to the Economist that that the legal provisions are respected. Focus accounting: accounting balance sheet creation, balance sheet analysis and balance sheet valuation among the tasks of the business. The business developed cost-cutting programmes and monitors the use of the capital. The business developed concepts to internal and external financing and has the necessary measures that are necessary for controlling the financing plans. Focus marketing: In the area of marketing the Economist has the necessary expertise that, to analyze a market situation with appropriate instruments (such as E.g. market research). The Administration created the marketing mix for the operation or the company on the basis of a market analysis. Furthermore, the Economist is able to assume leadership for the various areas of marketing. This includes sales of products and Services as well as personnel marketing, in-house marketing (including corporate identity) or quality management for customer loyalty. The Economist for its marketing campaigns will establish measures and incorporates them into the overall business process. Focus information management: In the area of information of management, the Economist assumes a key role between the IT Department and other operational Funktionbsbereichen. The Economist it exerts the function of project manager in circumstances or he uses his knowledge of business and information technology projects. Markus winter DAA host sheep