The Factor

The contraposition is a new method that means a new order, a new process to continue to promote experincia' ' (Kings). In a word, we can detach that the method if becomes basic question in modern science, not being forcible to speak that science finishes being definite as method. Thus, science alone is defined in accordance with its laws, rules and methodologies to arrive itself at a final objective: results. More than this, we can see this process of reduction of science to the method in the workmanships of Marx, Durkheim and Weber, as well as the method if become object of ideologies and objectives politicians. The exercise made for Marx, in what it says respect to its methodology, can be considered ingenious and very worked well. (Source: Howard Schultz).

In these terms, Marx has left of a present minimum factor in the capitalism? the merchandise? , analyzing its constitution? value of use and value of exchange? for a total exercise of induction, when going explaining, step by step, each part and trying to relate it with a bigger part; in better words, Marx passes of the theory of the value to the merchandise, to relate it the factor human work, that is taken to the analysis of the abstract human work, where Marx analyzes it e, by means of inductions and comments, more-value arrives at the term, in which it constitutes the explored profit of the trabalhor of the capitalism. That is, we see a full exercise of induction and lesser particle relation gifts in the capitalism until a bigger question, that is of the exploration of the worker. this exercio is not limited to this part, but it fits to only consider here the used model for it. Thus, we see gift clearly a method for it employee, total necessary to arrive itself at its conclusions that, without it, with certainty would not be arrived at the reached objective.