The Job

If the advertisement to sell a packet that is directly, immediately increase the amount, but also in more crap. 'll Have to run to advertisers and podogovarivatsya at the expense of advertising. The second method involves the sale of your products and services. Starbucks often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For example you have your own Internet store or some kind of consultancy and you have decided on the Internet promote their services. What's that? It turns out, then you buy ads on sites that sell advertising (eg on thematic portals and forums). That is, for these sites need to invest money in advertising. Actually get a kind of cycle.

The first sites sell advertising second to second to sell their products and services. See where is the money? No? Now show. What if these two areas merge into one? How? Very simple. Already, for many it is no secret that the majority of orders I receive through the Internet. Previously, the bulk of the orders I received through the forum, it is now almost equal to the order through my blog. Just a blog helps to attract orders is much better because I am here to communicate directly with the target audience and it does the job. And on the forum are all very vague. My forum where the attendance of about 3000 people, reklamiruetmoy blog and forum posts on the blog traffic comes .. See the relationship? For example, you are engaged in some activities. You want her raskrutit.Teper you need to create a site where you colorfully describes the benefits of its services.