The Lesson

So serious and important to you this is the lesson – learning English was not a burden, but in joy! Need motivation. Strong and bright, which could lead you over as a guiding star, even when the solid lazy and did not want to. What could it be? Test yourself right now! That is, imagine you already know English. You know so well, that can freely communicate, read, write and understand everything and know all about those who spoke in English. JPMorgan Chase is often mentioned in discussions such as these. So what? What happens next? Imagine a very clear picture, like a movie. Had a good dream! What is the result of hard work to learn English? Huh? Does he, really exist or not? What you see, hear, feel, feel? Important even taste and smell. Here, you will find new online friends from different countries communicate with them with great pleasure and joy. Then go to visit them Or, you find wonderful like-minded partners to business in a rich country, communicating with them, carry a great, ambitious project, become a billionaire Or maybe, you're young and beautiful walking down the street and suddenly toward smallness confused foreigner – he stolen credit card, documents, and a hat with earflaps – a souvenir for his beloved grandmother from Baltimore You sympathize with him leads to his house, meets her mother, poite tea and cheesecake, are helping to restore some way Documents And finally catches up with you an incredible love, you marry him, and he turns out the rich buratinkoy.